How Weight Loss Subliminal Messages Work


One way you can help yourself lose weight is by making use of weight loss subliminal messages. This article will explain to you in easy to understand terms, how subliminal messages actually work, covering them from a technical and non-technical point of view and also going into how they can specifically help you when it comes to losing weight.

Technical Explanation

To fully understand how weight loss subliminal messages work, you first need to understand the difference between your conscious and subconscious mind.

The first mind we will talk about is your conscious mind, which also happens to be known as your logical mind. The reason it’s also known, as the logical mind is because this is where all your logical thought takes place.

It’s important to know that you are aware of any sort of message that is sent to your conscious mind and you should also know that getting change using just the conscious mind can be very difficult as it likes to do its best to resist change at all costs.

As for your subconscious mind, which happens to be also known as the unconscious mind, well that part of your brain isn’t capable of logical thought whatsoever and it accepts anything sent to it as true and it’s where all your beliefs are stored.

Also unlike with your conscious mind, you aren’t aware of any messages that are sent to your subconscious, however they still do end up having an effect on you.

The reason it’s important to know about the conscious and subconscious mind is because the technical definition of a subliminal message is that of a message that skips communication with the conscious mind and instead directly communicates with the unconscious mind.

What this means then, is that you aren’t aware of the actual messages being sent to you from a subliminal message because it communicates with the subconscious and as had already been said, you aren’t aware of any messages sent to this part of your brain.

As for how a message is made subliminal, well there is a number of ways to do so but when it comes to subliminal audio, it happens to be done by recording it at a frequency that the human ear just can’t pick up on consciously.

You may now be wondering what the actual messages contained in a subliminal audio track are and well they happen to be positive affirmations and the kind you will find in a weight loss subliminal audio are:

Weight Loss Positive Affirmations

  • I can lose weight
  • My diet is very healthy
  • I love to exercise
  • Losing weight is easy for me
  • My motivation to lose weight is very high

How Subliminal Messages Can Help You To Lose Weight

The reason right now you are finding it hard to lose weight is because your mind-set and belief system isn’t conductive for losing weight.

You see right now, your current beliefs have you thinking that you can’t lose weight and that exercising is boring and that sticking to a diet plan is torture.

And since our beliefs cause our actions, it’s no wonder you end up sabotaging your diet and can’t find the motivation to get to the gym.

The key to losing weight then is changing your mind-set and subliminal messages helps to do that.

It helps because when you listen to a subliminal audio track for weight loss, all these positive affirmations like the ones you saw above are sent to your subconscious and what ends up happening is your old beliefs get replaced with these new beliefs and because of that you will become someone who finds it easy to find the motivation to exercise and avoid junk food, so you just easily drop the pounds.

You may right now be thinking that subliminal messages are some quick fix kind of thing but the truth is they are not. You can’t just listen to the audio track once and expect to have a mind-set conductive for losing weight; instead it will take a number of listens to see results.

Now that you know more about subliminal messages and how they can help you when it comes to losing weight, you may wish to give subliminal audio a try for yourself and you can do that for free by entering your details below:

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