How Approach Anxiety Subliminal Messages Work


How Approach Anxiety Subliminal Messages WorkRead this short introduction into how subliminal audio can help you transform if you find yourself shy to approach women because of a fear that you will be rejected by them, if you always hesitate to meet her even when you are almost sure she will accept you but the fear is too paralyzing and if you feel sick in your gut that stops you from approaching every time.

This text will also talk about how and why subliminal audio messages work.

Technical Explanation

Subliminal audio helps you rewire your negative and limiting beliefs to positive ones by directly impacting your subconscious mind, the part of you that controls your fears, emotions and behavior.

It does so by sending positive subliminal affirmations to the subconscious via higher frequencies that the conscious mind can’t grasp.

Approach Anxiety Positive Affirmations

  • I love to approach women
  • I am always calm and confident when around women
  • Approaching women feels natural to me
  • I am excited to approach a beautiful woman
  • I am outgoing and social all the time

The reason subliminal audio works is because these messages will become your own thoughts gradually, and will replace the negative thoughts that block you from taking action and getting the women you deserve in your life.

It also works because, when messages are sent to the subconscious, that little voice in the back of your head that comes from the conscious mind can’t react as it doesn’t even hear subliminal affirmations.

How Subliminal Messages Can Help You With Approach Anxiety

Other than being able to send positive subliminal affirmations, subliminal audio messages work because they repeat positive messages so many times that it is inevitable that they will become your own thoughts sooner or later.

That means that by listening to subliminals you will likely become a man who finds approaching women a fun, easy task that he loves to do as a past time, a man that has absolutely no fear of rejection (although it always stings a bit), and a man who will be able to show his true, confident self around women.

You can achieve this by listening to subliminal audio messages every day for at least 20 minutes. You can listen to them anytime you are not doing something that demands your attention. That means you can listen to subliminals that help with your approach anxiety while you sleep, jog, watch TV, browse the internet or do similar activities.

You might realize sooner than you hoped that approaching girls feels absolutely normal to you and that you won’t even feel a hint of negative, paralyzing feelings that once held you back. Essentially you might realize that approaching women feels natural, which is one of the characteristics most alpha men have.
It is important to understand that subliminal messages will not magically transform your mindset to one of a confident, easy going guy whose skills equal that of a pickup artist. They will however help you transform your mind over time. Usually, most guys feel a surge of confidence after the first session, and some lasting results after a few weeks, but as we are all different it is hard to gauge what kind of an effect subliminals will have over you.

To understand how well subliminal audio will work for you, go ahead and download a free sample subliminal mp3 that will help you relax:

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