How Attitude Of Gratitude Subliminal Messages Work


One of the things many people neglect when it comes to the law of attraction is the power of gratitude and this article will explain how you can develop an attitude of gratitude through the use of attitude of gratitude subliminal messages.

Technical Explanation

For you to begin to understand what a subliminal message is, you first need to know all about your conscious and your subconscious mind.

Your conscious mind is the part of your brain that is responsible for all logical thinking, so reading this article now, is being done so with your conscious mind and when you are thinking to yourself and making decisions you are using your conscious mind.

Now, your subconscious mind is very different from your conscious mind. Your subconscious isn’t capable of any logical thought and accepts anything sent to it as true and you are also not aware of any messages that are sent to your subconscious mind.

What is a subliminal message then? A subliminal message is a message that talks directly to the subconscious mind and completely ignores the conscious mind.

The reason for making a message subliminal is simply because your conscious mind likes to resist change, even if it does happen to be positive change, whereas as has been said already, your subconscious accepts anything sent to it as true.

As for how a message is made subliminal, well there is a number of different techniques for doing so but when it comes to subliminal audio, the messages are made subliminal by recording the audio at a frequency that is out of the range that the human ear can consciously pick up on.

You may now be wondering what the messages contained in subliminal audio are and well they happen to be simple positive affirmations and the kind you will find in a subliminal audio album for developing an attitude of gratitude are:

Attitude Of Gratitude Positive Affirmations

  • I possess an attitude of gratitude
  • I am fully grateful for everything I have in my life
  • Having an attitude of gratitude comes naturally to me
  • Using the power of gratitude allows me to manifest more of the positive things I have in my life
  • I am grateful for all the positive things in my life

How Subliminal Messages Can Help You To Develop An Attitude Of Gratitude

When many people first hear about the law of attraction they start thinking about all the things they are going to manifest in their life, such as a dream holiday, nice house, loads of money, etc.

There is nothing wrong with this but one of the things many people neglect and is one of the most important keys of the law of attraction is gratitude.

You see, the law of attraction is all about you get what you think about and many people forget to think about the great things they already have in their life and because of this they don’t end up bringing more of it into their life.

What a subliminal audio album for developing an attitude of gratitude will do then is send to your subconscious mind all these positive affirmations to do with gratitude and what will happen is with enough repetition, you will have a mind-set of gratitude and this will allow you to be thankful for what you already have and therefore bring more of it into your life.

Pay attention to the part in that last paragraph about repetition, as repetition is what makes subliminal audio work. You can’t just listen to the audio album once and expect to be full of gratitude; instead you will need to listen to it many times.

It’s handy then that with subliminal audio you don’t need to take time out of your day to actively repeat anything, instead you can just go about your day-to-day activities while exposing your subconscious to these positive affirmations.

Now that you know more about subliminal audio, you may wish to give it a go for yourself and you can do that for free by entering your name and email below:

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