How Become An Artist Subliminal Messages Work


How Become An Artist Subliminal Messages WorkYou are in luck as you have stumbled onto one of the rare places online that discuss how to become an artist by using subliminal messages. The article will discuss in which ways subliminal audio can be used to help you draw or paint better, with more focus and drive that will result in your ability to better transfer your ideas onto the canvas.

Technical Explanation

The ways that your conscious and unconscious mind communicates may be confusing at first. The simple explanation is that the conscious mind, or the logical one, works as a doorman that is letting in only the kinds of thoughts you believe to be true or correct.

This is the reason why changing the way you think, why developing new habits and tastes is difficult. But it can be done, usually in the same way you have ingrained your current thoughts into yourself.

And that is repetition. But, merely repeating or affirming yourself that you are a great painter or that you can draw anything that you set your mind to may not be enough because, if your unconscious mind won’t even get to “hear” those positive affirmations if you don’t already believe them.

That is why using subliminal audio is the right solution. Imagine if the positive affirmations written bellow this paragraph were recorded and played back to you in a way that your logical mind would not be able to block. That is the power of subliminal audio, and it works because the messages are “hidden” inside some nice sounding music that occupies the conscious mind while the positive affirmations talk to the unconscious and change your thinking patterns and help make you an artist you have dreamed of becoming.

Lets check out a few sample affirmations you may encounter:

Become An Artist Positive Affirmations

  • I am a creative artist
  • I enjoy creating unique art
  • I draw effortlessly
  • I am a natural painter
  • I easily put on paper what I imagine in my mind

Don’t think that these messages won’t have the desired effect just because these messages are played beyond your conscious hearing level. Hopefully by now you understand that that is exactly how they can help you further develop your artistic self.

How Subliminal Messages Can Help You To Become An Artist

You may have a problem becoming an artist you want to become because of your limiting beliefs. You have likely told yourself that you can’t draw good enough or that you will never be a painter, and by repeating those thoughts you have made them true and have diminished your self respect.

But if you are really serious about learning to draw or becoming a recognized painter you can use the aid of subliminal audio. You need to keep in mind that subliminal audio has no way of making you draw, paint or express yourself in any other artistic or non artistic way.

Subliminal audio can only help you if you are already committed to making your dreams come true. If you are absolutely certain you will stop at no obstacle it will be easy to set aside a couple dozen minutes per day to relax your mind and listen to subliminal audio recordings with pre recorded positive affirmations that will communicate with your unconscious mind and change negative beliefs you hold about yourself as an artist into positive ones.

Keep in mind that no one can tell you the time it takes for subliminal audio to help you change your thinking. It will depend on how many times you listen to the tracks, how devoted and consistent you are and how badly you want to make it as an artist.

The truth of the matter is that subliminals work better for some people than they do for others, but you can listen to a free subliminal audio album and judge their effectiveness yourself. Get the album here:

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