How Become Natural With Men Subliminal Messages Work


How Become Natural With Men Subliminal Messages WorkRead this introduction to how subliminal audio messages can help you become natural with men, especially if you lack confidence to show your true self in a social interaction and want to be more comfortable and confident so that men will become more attracted to you.

Technical Explanation

You have two parts of the mind that coexists inside you.

The first one is the conscious mind. It is the one that was developed to keep the subconscious mind safe by picking out what information that comes from your thoughts or from the outside – i.e. media, or other people, it should let be processed by the subconscious.

The subconscious on the other hand is the one responsible for all your fears, worries, emotions in general, thoughts, behavior, and it is the one that makes you feel either timid or extremely confident and happy when you are enjoying the company of men.

The subconscious processes information in receives, and unfortunately most information that aims to change you does not get “picked” by the conscious mind, so long term it is like you never thought of that particular though.

But, subliminal audio can solve this problem as it bypasses the conscious mind and sends positive affirmations that help you become natural with men.

Become Natural With Men Positive Affirmations

  • I am a confident, radiant person
  • I am always natural around men
  • I can approach any man I like easily
  • I am at the centre of attention all of the time
  • I am extremely attractive

These messages rewire your mind and become your default thoughts, so over a period of time you become a natural and confident flirt.

How Subliminal Messages Can Help You Become Natural With Men

Subliminal audio works because it can reach the subconscious mind easily and send it positive thoughts that over time make you realize that you are extremely desirable, confident and comfortable enough to enjoy the company of any man and also approach him with ease.

It also works because it repeats to your subconscious mind the thoughts that you want to think for real when it comes to the social interactions and the dating game, and over time you adapt them as your own thoughts.

Unlike men, where the alpha male is usually the most desirable man to all women, an alpha female may not be the most desirable woman.

Many men prefer women that are comfortable in their skin but don’t have to dominate over others to show it. That is why it is important to become natural around people in general and men especially.

To do that focus on listening to a subliminal audio session each day by setting aside 20 minutes of your time. You can listen to the audio anytime you are relaxing, watching TV, or even sleeping, and you should start feeling changes within after a couple of weeks or so.

It will work at all those times as it does not get registered by the conscious mind at all. You can’t hear subliminal audio, just the music recorded over it. It may seem strange, but that is the reason it works.

It may be hard to fully grasp how subliminals work, and that is why you may be interested in testing them out right now, for free, by getting this free mp3:

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