How Boxing Subliminal Messages Work


How Boxing Subliminal Messages WorkThis short text will talk about how you can improve your boxing skills and your mind so that you become practically unbeatable, how you can be so mentally strong to always believe in victory and stay focused even when you are worn out during the closing rounds, all thanks to listening to subliminal audio messages.

First, the text will go over technical details of how subliminal audio works.

Technical Explanation

Subliminal messages are able to work because they can help ignite your desire for both training and making the best boxer imaginable out of yourself by sending positive affirmations to your subconscious mind directly, because they bypass the critical, conscious mind by sending the messages on higher frequencies than you can consciously hear.

Boxing Positive Affirmations

  • I am always focused during boxing
  • I am extremely motivated to train my uppercuts
  • My jabs are improving every day
  • I always analyze ways to improve my skills
  • I am pushing my limits during every match and sparing session

Please don’t be alarmed that you don’t consciously hear subliminal audio messages. They work not in spite of it, but because of the fact. Note that your subconscious, the part of your mind that can increase your motivation, desire and focus among other things, still receives the messages without interruptions from the conscious mind.

How Subliminal Messages Can Help Improve Your Boxing Skills

Subliminal audio will first help you gradually replace your negative, limiting beliefs you have about improving your boxing skills, your technique, jabs, hooks, uppercuts and blocks, and further subliminals will help improve your footwork and have an easier time knocking an opponent out.

When those old thoughts start being replaced by positive affirmations like the ones listed above, you will start noticing and increase in your strength, speed and concentration, especially when you are very tired by the end of a sparring session or in the final rounds of the match.

Subliminal messages will especially help you stay sharp and fearless in the ring, confident that you can put each opponent on the ground by knocking him out cold or just by outlasting him.

This is all possible if you take the time to listen to at least one subliminal session a day, preferably just before you start training as that is when the messages will be fresh in your mind and of most benefit to you.

Although you should feel a spur of confidence immediately, the best results are felt after continuously listening to subliminal audio messages every day.

Please be aware that subliminal audio is a great way to strengthen your mind and change your attitude to completely positive regarding your motivation to train and confidence in matches, but you still have to train your hardest every day like you used to, as subliminals are nothing magical that will do it for you.

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