How Emotional Health Subliminal Messages Work


How Emotional Health Subliminal Messages WorkBy reading this text you will understand how you can become happy again and you will learn how to deal with whatever is standing in your way to emotional health by achieving a healthy emotional balance with the help of subliminal messages, and you will also learn how and why subliminal messages work.

Technical Explanation

The unconscious mind is highly susceptible, mainly because that is the part of ourselves that we developed as young children, the part that allows us to learn fast, but also believes almost anything without critically assessing if it is true.

The conscious mind is developed later in childhood and is a kind of a protection to the unconscious. It screens thoughts, images, audio, video etc. and when it believes that the information is harmful, it will disregard it, so that information will never get a chance to be processed in the subconscious mind.

The way subliminal audio messages work is that they send positive subliminal affirmations directly to your unconscious mind. They are received by unconscious without the conscious, critical mind screening them, in a manner of speaking.

Emotional Health Positive Affirmations

Repeating to yourself positive affirmations for your emotional health like the ones listed above will likely be screened by the conscious mind, especially if, deep down, you do not really believe in what you are saying.

How Subliminal Messages Can Help You Achieve Emotional Health

You gain unhealthy emotional habits because of negative thought patterns that threaten to make you lose control over your emotions. As this is vital to your overall wellbeing, it is also vital to fix your emotional health in order for you to be able to live a happy, fulfilled life.

Subliminal audio can help you heal yourself emotionally by sending positive subliminal affirmations repeatedly, but it would be different from repeating them out loud as subliminal messages send them to your unconscious mind directly, totally bypassing consciousness.

That is achieved because subliminal audio messages are recorded at specific frequencies which you will not be able to hear. Even though you will only be able to hear pleasant sounds that mask the positive subliminal affirmations, they are still well received by your subconscious.

Please note that subliminal messages can not cure you in a manner of a day or two. They work by repeating positive affirmations to the part of your brain that can change the way you thin, and force that part to accept positive affirmations as your truth.

Basically, your unconscious mind would get bombarded, in a sense, with positive thoughts that it will have no choice but to gradually accept.

After a few weeks you should start noticing permanent changes in the way you feel and interact with people around you, but as we are all different, results may be faster or slower.

It is important to test out the aids you will use and understand them fully. That is why guys over at real subliminal have made a free subliminal mp3 album that is meant to help guide you through your first subliminal experience so you will see it is perfectly natural and safe, and that you have nothing to worry about. Download it here:

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