How Learn To Say NO Subliminal Messages Work


How Learn To Say No Subliminal Messages WorkThis page will help you understand how to learn to say no when you feel people are taking advantage of you and are walking all over you and you end up doing things you don’t really want to do with the help of subliminal audio recordings.

Subliminals are an unconventional, yet natural way to help you learn how to say NO politely.

Technical Explanation

Subliminal messages are messages that you understand, but are hidden in just about anything, like an image that flashes before your eyes for a second or a song that has different lyrics when played backwards.

Even if you do not consciously understand the message, your subconscious picks up on it, and that is why subliminal messages can be very powerful.

A fast explanation of the roles of the conscious and the subconscious mind would be to look at the conscious like an anti-virus for your computer.

The conscious, the anti-virus would not let any suspicious files get in your computer; rather it would delete the suspicious files. Which files your anti-virus deletes and which it doesn’t depends on the way you set it up.

Likewise, your conscious mind also has a filter for the types of thoughts it will let to your subconscious. If you are used to having a fear of saying no, that is the kinds of thoughts that would pass the filter easily.

On the other hand, the other types of thoughts, the thoughts that would suggest you need to say no to this person or in this occasion, would just get deleted.

Subliminal audio messages can change that by sending positive affirmations that will change your way of thinking from often being afraid to say no and getting stuck doing the jobs you don’t want to do, to being able to confidently and without remorse tell people that this time you will have to pass.

Learn To Say No Positive Affirmations

  • I can say NO when I need to
  • I stand up for myself
  • I am an assertive person
  • I feel comfortable when I say NO
  • I have complete control of my life

Subliminal messages are the ones that can pass through your anti-virus undetected and are able to talk to your subconscious which can change the settings of the anti-virus to let different kinds of thoughts through.

How Subliminal Messages Can Help You Learn To Say No

You have trouble saying no to people because you have repeated daily to yourself that something bad will come out of you saying no, that you must oblige certain people with their silly requests or you just lacked confidence and felt embarrassed when you needed it to say no to someone. You may have even been thought as a child that you must never say no to authority figures, and it stuck in your brain as the absolute truth.

The key to letting go of these negative, limiting thoughts you have about telling people that you can’t do something for them is subliminal audio. Listening to subliminal audio will send a huge number of positive messages to your mind that it will soon start taking as the default thoughts.

As you listen to a subliminal session a day you will soon notice that you are comfortable when you need to turn people down, that you are capable of standing up to them and that you are the one that is assertive and always in control of the situation.

It is difficult to explain the great effect subliminal messages will have over you. That is why it is best to test them out yourself by downloading a free subliminal mp3 album from Real Subliminal:

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