How Logical Thinking Subliminal Messages Work


How Logical Thinking Subliminal Messages WorkThis page is a short introduction to how subliminal messages work and why they work, and most importantly how they can help you develop your logical brain and start reaping all the rewards that people who are perceived as logical thinkers get out of our society – seeming more dependable or reliable and even reaching further with their careers.

Technical Explanation

Subliminal messages work by sending positive affirmations to your subconscious mind, which is the part of you that influences your whole being on multiple levels. It manages the way you feel, think, act etc, and also processes information.

The conscious mind, also known as the critical mind is a layer of protection for the subconscious as the subconscious is not capable of selecting important from unimportant and harmful information.

The conscious mind has a flaw – it relies heavily on what you believe in deep down. So, if you are not a logical thinker right now, you will have a hard time becoming one. Imagine if you try and make yourself believe you are a logical thinker – all that will happen is the critical mind discarding that information, it won’t even reach the subconscious.

But, subliminal audio messages are recorded on higher frequencies that send positive affirmations capable of circumventing conscious mind.

Logical Thinking Positive Affirmations

  • I am a rational thinker
  • I have great problem solving skills
  • Logical thinking is my natural way of being
  • I think rationally and logically at all times
  • I react quickly to any situation

Imagine how better your thinking would be if these thoughts about logic and rational thinking were your real thoughts. That is what subliminal audio messages will do for you, given enough times.

How Subliminal Messages Can Help You To Think Logically

You are not a logical thinker right now mostly because of habit, as it is a learnable skill. If you had been consciously developing that skill thorough your life, thinking logically would be second nature to you.

But subliminals help by naturally helping you develop a logical mindset at a faster pace than you would normally be able to develop it.

They are able to help you become a rational, logical thinker and to be perceived as one by people around you by repeating the positive subliminal affirmations to your subconscious mind over and over.

You can listen to the subliminal album as many times you wish during the day; the more you listen the better it will work. You can listen to it while you are doing almost anything (but driving, or operating heavy machinery when it is not recommended) as it works passively.

Working passively simply means the messages do not engage your conscious mind, and you hear only natural sounds recorded so that you know positive affirmations are being sent to your subconscious mind.

You should start seeing evidence of thinking more logically, rationally and critically after a few days, or more likely weeks. But, subliminal messages do tend to work different for everyone, so it is best if you give them a try and find for yourself how they can help you.

You can do so right now, for free, by downloading this subliminal mp3 album:

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