How Muscle Growth Subliminal Messages Work


How Muscle Growth Subliminal Messages WorkTo increase the fitness of your mind have to both increase the fitness of your body. Subliminal audio messages can help you grow your muscles and thus increase your metabolism, reduce risks of injury and increase your overall health.

This page will discuss how subliminal audio works and how it will help you grow muscles faster.

Technical Explanation

Subliminal audio cuts the time it takes to change your thoughts from negative to positive about any subject you want. Subliminals can help increase your muscle size faster and easier because they are able to communicate directly with your subconscious mind.

They do this by sending positive subliminal affirmations on such frequencies that you will not actually be able to hear, but your subconscious mind will pick up. That is why both why they are so effective and why these messages are called subliminal, or out of our normal conscious perception.

Muscle Growth Positive Affirmations

  • My muscles are growing quicker than ever
  • I am developing big biceps and triceps
  • I always work intensively to increase muscle size
  • All of my upper and lower body muscles are getting extremely strong
  • My muscles are healthy

These messages are just sample messages that will gradually replace the limiting beliefs you have about growing your muscle size fast.

How Subliminal Messages Can Help Your Muscles Grow

Subliminal audio messages can help you increase your strength and growth of muscles much faster than you’ve used to, they are able to help you motivated to execute your routine day in and day out, they can speed up recovery and the growth of the muscles and strengthen your mind so you develop a toned, big body much faster than you’ve thought was possible, without taking any drugs.

Subliminal audio works when you take the time to listen to the messages daily and be consistent in this habit as you are with habit of training at the gym regularly.

Listen to subliminal messages whenever you have the time for that. The only time when it is not suggested to listen to the messages is when you need your full concentration, for example during your sets and reps, or when you are driving.

You should feel results of listening to subliminal sessions for growing the size of your muscles after you’re done listening to a couple of subliminal sessions. The more you listen to them the better they will work.

That is so because subliminal messages work based on repetition, like all other learning does really. The more we repeat to ourselves the positive affirmations like the ones listed above, and many similar, the faster we will replace our negative thoughts about training and improving our growth rate.

Take the plunge today by first getting your feet wet with subliminal messages. Do that now by downloading a free relaxation mp3 found below:

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