How Say Yes More Subliminal Messages Work


This page is our complete guide to say yes more subliminal messages. After reading this guide you will understand how subliminal messages work from a technical and non-technical point of view, how they can be used to help you say yes more and how long it takes to see results from them.

Technical Explanation

When it comes to looking at subliminal messages from a technical point of view, it can be said that a subliminal message is a message that ignores the conscious part of your mind and communicates directly with the subconscious part.

Reading that may have left you a bit confused as you may not know what your conscious and subconscious mind are.

Well, your conscious mind happens to be the part of your mind that is capable of all logical thinking and you happen to be aware of any messages that are sent to your conscious mind.

Your subconscious mind is nothing like your conscious mind. It isn’t capable of any logical thought and you aren’t actually aware of any messages that are sent to it and unlike your conscious mind, your subconscious doesn’t attempt to resist change.

Now you know what a subliminal message is and have an understanding of the conscious and subconscious mind I am sure you want to know how a message is made subliminal and what the messages contained in a say yes more subliminal audio actually are.

Well, there are a number of ways that a message can be made subliminal but for the purpose of getting positive change through the use of audio, it is done by taking the messages and recording them at a frequency that is just slightly higher than the frequency level that the human ear can consciously pick up on.

As for the actual messages that are made subliminal, well they happen to be nothing but positive affirmations and the type of affirmations you will find in a say yes more subliminal audio album include:

Say Yes More Positive Affirmations

  • I always say yes
  • I am always open to new experiences
  • I love experiencing new things in life
  • I’m all about saying yes
  • I am someone who lives life to the full

It is those kind of positive affirmations that you will find in a subliminal audio album that has been designed to help you to become who says yes more. It is through the power of repetition that allows these affirmations to work as the more you say them the more you believe them and with those beliefs you become someone who lives life to the full, is open to new experiences and isn’t afraid to say yes.

How Subliminal Messages Can Help You To Say Yes More

You don’t say “yes” much right now because of the current beliefs you have. The beliefs you have now are ones that make you afraid of saying yes and experiencing new things in life.

Luckily for you though, your beliefs can be changed and there is a number of ways to go about doing so and subliminal messages just happens to be one of those ways.

As you already know, subliminal messages are just positive affirmations that have been made subliminal due to the way they have been recorded and because of this it means they work in the same way as positive affirmations and that is through repetition.

Unlike with positive affirmations though, you don’t need to repeat anything over and over, instead with the subliminal audio you just play the audio track and you will hear nothing but relaxing ocean sounds and the hidden positive affirmations will be sent to your subconscious mind, where they will easily be accepted.

It is important to note that subliminal audio isn’t some sort of quick fix method. As has been said, it is repetition that gives them their real power, so this means you will need to listen to the audio album on an on-going basis, it being audio then is a good thing as you can just listen to it while you go about your normal day to day tasks.

Subliminal audio is a great ways for allowing you to put yourself in control of your life and being the person you want to be, so if you want to give it a try for yourself then you can do so by getting your free subliminal audio album by entering your details below:

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