How Self Esteem Subliminal Messages Work


How Self Esteem Subliminal Messages Work
This article will help you understand that with the help of subliminal audio messages you can reprogram your mind to change your thoughts and opinions about yourself and how to reprogram the mind so you can have higher self esteem.

You will understand how you are able to program yourself to believe you have more worth, to believe you can become comfortable being the person you are, and how you can increase your confidence and stop worrying about what other people think of you.

Technical Explanation

Not many people know exactly what subliminal messages are. The simple answer to the question is that subliminal messages are covert messages. That means that they are messages you understand and can act upon, but you never know you got them.

The classic example of a subliminal message used in advertising would be to make the letters S, E and X stand out among all the other letters in a sentence. The advertisers hoped that people would transfer the pleasant feelings they get when they think of sex to their brand.

Although the FDE banned subliminal messaging in advertising, it does not mean that they are not used to day. But, these days subliminal messages are mostly used consciously by people to help them with a problem.

For example, low self esteem may be corrected with the use of a subliminal audio album that is recorded with lots of positive affirmations to help people with low self esteem become comfortable being who they are without the need to constantly prove something to others.

Those positive affirmations would be masked behind pleasant sounding music, so that only the subconscious mind, the one that can change your thoughts, would understand them.

Self Esteem Positive Affirmations

  • I love myself
  • I am an amazing person
  • I always believe I will be successful
  • Others respect me
  • I have a high level of confidence

That means you would not hear anything except the pleasant sounding music, but you would still act on the messages you receive and would be much more likely to believe them than if you could hear them, as then your brain would be able to counteract their meaning by thinking of all the times these positive affirmations proved false.

How Subliminal Messages Can Help You Gain Higher Self Esteem

Repetition is the mother of learning. Thus, it is no wonder teachers made us repeat numerous times what they thought was important. What we repeated numerous times, we likely remember even today.

That is how the mind works. Repeat to it that you are not worthy enough of admiration, of good friends that you respect and who respect you back, of a great romantic partner … it will believe you. Thoughts like those cause low self esteem.

But, just like the way you thought yourself to have low self esteem, you can teach yourself to become proud, to respect yourself naturally and to have no need of approval from anyone but yourself.

The way you can literary teach yourself self esteem is to listen to subliminal audio messages, preferably twice a day for 20 minute long sessions.

The best times to listen to the albums are when you wake up and just before you go to sleep. The audio messages can work even while you do your chores, check your email or while you have dinner, but it is best to set aside the time you can totally commit yourself to the album.

Many people might experience higher self esteem as soon as after the first sitting. For some it takes longer.

But, in order to permanently teach yourself higher self esteem, you will likely need a bit of time. If you repeat something to yourself numerous times, it may take numerous times to undo.

To fell the way subliminal messages help you change how you think for the better, how to achieve high levels of self esteem and how to live your life without regrets, it is best to try them out yourself. You can do that by downloading this free subliminal mp3 album:

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