How Snowboarding Skills Subliminal Messages Work


How Snowboarding Skills Subliminal Messages WorkThis short article will go over how subliminal messages will help you improve your mental and with it your physical state when snowboarding. It will go over how you will be able to perform tricks easier by strengthening your mind and your core self belief.

What the article will start with is how subliminal messages work.

Technical Explanation

Subliminal audio messages send messages to your subconscious on such frequencies that your conscious mind cannot interfere or block the messages.

The conscious would do that as it is kind of a protection mechanism for your subconscious – it selects which of the numerous messages we receive daily (including your own thoughts) get to be processed by the subconscious.
The power of subliminal audio is in that it can communicate directly with the subconscious which regulates your behavior, emotions, habits etc.

Snowboarding Skills Positive Affirmations

  • I am an awesome snowboarder
  • I learn fast when it comes to snowboarding
  • I love being on the slopes
  • I easily glide, sideslip and traverse
  • I am great at keeping my balance

The beauty of these positive affirmations and many like them is that over time they will become your own thoughts. Awesome, right!

How Subliminal Messages Can Help To Increase Your Snowboarding Skills

Subliminal messages can help you become much better at the intense and extreme sport that snowboarding is by constantly repeating to your subconscious mind the positive subliminal affirmations that will affirm within yourself that you are a great snowboarder, a fast learner that can easily transfer his weight and is able to stand up after each inevitable fall.

You should realize after a few weeks of listening to subliminals that you are much better focused during practice and that you are having a easier time mastering new techniques.

This should become evident if you take the time to listen to subliminal audio each day, preferably twice per day – mornings and evenings – but one 20 minute session would be ok too.

The beauty here is that subliminal audio works even when you relax, watch TV or sleep, as the conscious mind doesn’t even hear it. That means you do not hear actual subliminal messages, only relaxing sounds recorded over them.

Please keep in mind that subliminal messages are not able to make you do things you are not entirely committed to doing. For example if you only want to increase your snowboarding skills because of your friends, they likely won’t help you much.

They can only help you do what you truly desire deep within yourself, and then they work wonders.
You will be able to realize it all yourself when you download this free subliminal audio meant for relaxation, which you can do immediately by inputting your name and email below:

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