How Stop Daydreaming Subliminal Messages Work


daydreamWelcome to our complete guide to stop daydreaming subliminal messages. Our goal with this guide is to teach you how subliminal messages actually work, not only from a technical point of view but also from a non-technical view and to also help you to decide if subliminal messages are something you want to use on your journey to a better self.

Technical Explanation

You should first know that when talking about subliminal messages, what I’m referring to is subliminal audio.

This is an important distinction to make as there happens to be a number of ways to make a message subliminal but for personal development uses, audio subliminal messages are used and this is done by taking the messages and recording them at a frequency that is above the conscious level of human hearing.

Since subliminal audio is above the level of conscious human hearing, which means that you can’t actually hear the subliminal messages, meaning you don’t know what they are.

You might think that if you can’t consciously pick up on the messages then they have no effect on you at all but that’s not true as they are picked up by the subconscious mind, the part of your mind that has no capacity for logical thinking and instead accepts anything sent to it as true.

The reason for wanting to bypass the conscious mind and communicating directly with the subconscious mind is because trying to bring about change with logical thought alone can be rather difficult as the conscious mind likes to do all it can to keep you the way you are.

Many people happen to be sceptical about subliminal audio but there are a number of studies that show that they do work.

You may now be wondering what the actual messages contained in the audio are and well they happen to be nothing but positive affirmations.

The kind of positive affirmations you would find in a subliminal audiotape to help you stop daydreaming would be:

Stop Daydreaming Positive Affirmations

  • I am always focused
  • I am 100% free of daydreaming
  • I know when I am daydreaming and I am able to snap myself out of it
  • Staying focused comes easily to me
  • My life gets better every day that I do not day dream

Those affirmations that you have just read are very simple positive affirmations to help you stop daydreaming. What you do with affirmations is you take them and repeat them over and over and due to the power of repetition you actually start to believe them and as we are what we think, you end up becoming someone who is free of daydreaming and this leads you to being more focused, driven and successful.

What has been discussed so far has been nothing but a simple explanation of how they work, so let’s now get into more about how they can actually be of use to you when made subliminal.

How Subliminal Messages Can Help To Stop Daydreaming

You already know that subliminal messages are just positive affirmations that have been made subliminal due to recording the messages at a frequency level higher than the human ear can consciously pick up on.

Because of this, you might be left wondering why you should bother with subliminal audio at all.

Well, as has been said already, the conscious mind likes to resist change and with positive affirmations you are trying to change yourself with nothing but logical thought and this can be difficult.

Using subliminal audio then can help to get change much more quicker as they bypass the conscious mind and send the messages directly to the subconscious mind, which has no ability to think logically and instead accepts anything sent to it as true.

There is also the fact that with positive affirmations you will need to take time out of your day to repeat them. With subliminal audio though, you can just listen to it whenever you want, meaning you can be working, cooking, exercising or cleaning and you can send to your brain these positive messages.

Many people who come across subliminal audio think that they are going to be a quick fix to all their problems but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

The reason you are the way you are now is due to beliefs that have been built up your whole life and it’s going to take a while to change those beliefs, so don’t think you can give the audiotape one listen and expect to be free of daydreaming.

Instead what you will need to do is listen to the audio over and over, constantly flooding your brain with these positive messages and overtime they will sink into your mind and over-write your old beliefs and when that does happen you will no longer be someone who daydreams.

Now that you know more about how subliminal messages work, you may be interested in giving them a go yourself and if that’s the case then you can get started right now by entering your details below to receive your free subliminal album:

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