How Stop Nightmares Subliminal Messages Work


How Stop Nightmares Subliminal Messages WorkRead this page to find out how subliminal audio can help you stop your nightmares that can seem even more vivid than reality, how to end your suffering from sleep paralysis and end your night terrors.

Also, read on to see why subliminal audio is able to help you and how it works.

Technical Explanation

Subliminal messages work because of the discrepancy in the two parts of your mind.

Namely, the subconscious mind is the one that learns quickly and accepts pretty much any thought, coming from you or from other people that it comes across. It can help you change your thoughts and habits and emotions, and thus it is capable of stopping your nightmares.

The conscious is the logical mind. It analyzes thoughts, again both your own and those coming from other people, and decides which of those it will let through to the subconscious.

The criteria it uses however, leaves something to be desired. Its criteria is mostly what you are used to already, so it is very, very difficult for your thoughts to change you.

But, subliminal audio messages in the form of positive affirmations are sent at a frequency that only the subconscious mind can understand.

Stop Nightmares Positive Affirmations

Positive subliminal affirmations are sent at frequencies that you can not consciously hear, which means that all you will hear are sounds of fire, thunderstorm or similar recorded so you know that subliminal messages are played “in the background” and that your subconscious is receiving them.

How Subliminal Messages Can Help To Stop Your Nightmares

The real reason subliminals work is simply – repetition. Repeat to yourself numerous times that you are full of positivity and that you always have beautiful dreams that energize you and it will become true for you sooner or later.

Subliminal messages speed this process up by bypassing the conscious mind and sending affirmations that will help you stop having nightmares to your subconscious mind, the one that has the ability to make that happen sooner, rather than later.

By listening to subliminal messages at least once a day on for a few weeks, you will gradually start feeling changes that will become permanent over time, and you will have natural sleep that will help you relax your mind and your body, just like it should.

You can listen to subliminal audio doing anything that allows you to be relaxed – like sleeping, watching Youtube videos or taking a pleasant walk.

It works passively because, as already mentioned, it does not engage the conscious mind and you do not hear the actual messages.

Stop being nervous or anxious because of bad dreams and poor nights rest, and give subliminal messages a try. You can do so right now by downloading a free subliminal album that will help you relax:

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