How Stop Worrying Subliminal Messages Work


How Stop Worrying Subliminal Messages WorkThis article will explain how you can use subliminal audio to help you stop worrying. It will also explain how and why subliminal messages work.
It is written for those of you that often find yourself worrying, especially over the little things, the one you shouldn’t care so much about, all of which may stop you from enjoying your life to the fullest.

Technical Explanation

Subliminal messages are simply convert messages that you receive without even knowing it.

They are able to communicate with the subconscious by bypassing the critical, conscious mind and thus have great power, especially if your conscious effort supports what they are saying to you, for example that you are worry free, calm and relaxed.

A subliminal message may be an image that is inserted in a video for a briefest part of a second, but that would be enough for you to subconsciously get its meaning.

For example, imagine a word “buy our product now” inserted into a commercial, that is repeated for a fraction of a second every few seconds.

But, subliminal messages today are heavily used in the self help movement, where they can help people stop worrying and make them capable of handling any situation in life, by using positive affirmations recorded inside subliminal audio:

Stop Worrying Positive Affirmations

  • I am naturally relaxed and calm
  • I am worry free
  • My stress is melting away
  • I think rationally and logical
  • I enjoy my life to the fullest

As these affirmations sent inside subliminal audio bypass the critical mind, they have extra power to help you change your negative thoughts, compared to when you would just repeat them to yourself, which would not work nearly as well.

How Subliminal Messages Can Help You To Stop Worrying

By increasingly worrying about bigger things, you start stressing over the smaller ones too, the ones you really shouldn’t and the ones you know will most likely end up well, weather you worry or not.

It is a habit of negative thoughts, as when you obsessively worry you are not really helping anyone, only sabotaging yourself, and inviting bad things to happen.

Breaking this cycle can be very difficult, but if you invest your time and energy into really solving the problem and getting rid of all the stress, anxiety and even paranoia caused by obsessive and needless worrying, subliminal audio will be of tremendous assistance.

Although subliminal audio can be extremely effective, it is not meant to be used on its own. It can not force you to stop worrying if you do not put in effort to solve that problem for yourself and use subliminal audio as an aid.

It can help you relax and calm yourself, but longer term effects require listening to the sessions more times.

How much it takes to help you long term depends mostly on the way you are now, how stressful your daily life is and for how long has it been that way.

If you want to test out subliminal audio for yourself, people from Real Subliminal have made one subliminal mp3 album completely free for you to try and see how great they feel:

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