How Surfing Skills Subliminal Messages Work


How Surfing Skills Subliminal Messages WorkThis page will talk about how subliminal audio messages work, and more importantly how they will help boost your surfing skills, increase your confidence in your surfing ability and make you fearless surfer ready for new and bigger challenges that will increase his skill level quickly.

Technical Explanation

Your subconscious mind controls you in a way – it can process your own thoughts and information gathered from the outside world and the thoughts and information then influence the way you think, feel, behave or act.
Your conscious mind is the in-between – it chooses which outside information and which of your thoughts even get to the subconscious mind as there are so many, most have to be “deleted”.

Most messages aiming to change you are deleted.

Subliminal audio works by going over this process, by sending positive subliminals that help improve your surfing skills directly to your subconscious.

Surfing Skills Positive Affirmations

  • I am an awesome surfer
  • I am confident in my abilities to surf
  • My surfing skills are spectacular
  • I am excellent at paddling
  • I easily stay on the board
  • Imagine how good a surfer you would be if these thoughts were your default thoughts and how fast your skills would improve. This is what subliminal audio can help you with.

    How Subliminal Messages Can Help Increase Your Surfing Skills

    Subliminal audio can help you improve your surfing skills by increasing your confidence in your surfing ability, by changing your mind so you want to overcome more and harder challenges, by helping you rewire your thinking so you find it easier to be great at paddling, to easily stay on the board, to easily achieve balance and generally to surf like a pro and like you were born in water.

    Subliminal messages work because they are able to repeat positive affirmations to your subconscious so many times, that it has no choice but to accept that you are a skilled surfer.

    It all starts when you take the commitment to listen to subliminal audio at least once a day, for about 20 minutes. This is something you can do even while you sleep or relax, but it is best not to listen to subliminal messages while you are surfing as they can relax you quite a bit, which is not good for your focus and might make you fall off the board.

    In a nutshell, subliminals will help you achieve a much more positive outlook on your surfing skills and life in general, they will help you become more self aware and have more belief in yourself. All of this you should be able to feel after a few sessions, but for most people it takes a few weeks to notice lasting results in their thinking.

    All of this may seem like a lot to take in, but it really is not. The best way you will figure it all out is by getting your first experience with subliminal audio – and all for free, but downloading the track below:

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