How American Football Subliminal Messages Work


How American Football Subliminal Messages WorkThis page will talk about how you can consistently improve your football skills with the help of subliminal audio messages.

The page will also talk about how subliminal messages work and will feature a few sample messages along with a free subliminal album which you can try.

Technical Explanation

Subliminal messages are messages that your subconscious receives, but that go undetected in your conscious mind.

They have first been heavily used in advertising, and because they have proved themselves effective have been banned form use in commercials.

But, that means that you can still use subliminal audio to enhance your own mind to play American football better.

Subliminal audio works by sending positive subliminal affirmations to the part of you that controls everything – your subconscious mind.

American Football Positive Affirmations

  • I am a top football player
  • I always train to my limits
  • My passes are improving every day
  • I am at peak condition during games
  • I am always focused while playing or training

These are just a few select messages out of the numerous numbers your subconscious will receive every time you listen to subliminal audio.

How Subliminal Messages Can Help Your American Football Skills

Subliminal audio is capable of helping you increase your American football skills and your game to the next level, it will help better your throwing, passing and catching accuracy and will force you to become the best football player that you can be, so that you would often feel like no one can stop you and you can finally reach your full potential.

This would happen gradually if you take the time to consistently listen to subliminal audio messages every day for at least 20 minutes a day.

Most people feel first results after a few listens, but as we are all different there is no guarantee that it will take you as long or as short as is the norm.

You can listen to subliminals that will help your football skills doing anything that does not require your full focus, such as driving, as subliminal audio might relax your body and mind.

Please keep in mind that although subliminal audio gradually rewires your mind so that you really become mentally fit as pro NFL football players as it removes all doubt and uncertainty about the quality of your game from the mind, it is not a substitute for training, as you still have to prepare physically for the field.

But, subliminals will be that great push in the right direction that will give you a distinct advantage over other football players.

And that you can see for yourself right now, by downloading this free relaxation subliminal mp3:

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