How Be A Better Friend Subliminal Messages Work


How Be A Better Friend Subliminal Messages WorkIf you have a feeling that you and your friends are not as close as you once were, and you find it that you are growing apart and are worried you might even lose them then subliminal audio messages may be a perfect solution for you as they are able to rewire your mind so that you show how you truly value your friendship and make your friends realize important they are to you.

Technical Explanation

To understand how subliminal messages will help you, it is imperative to understand how they work.

And subliminal messages work by sending positive affirmations that will help you put real effort into your friendship that bypass the conscious mind.

The conscious mind usually sorts messages that should get processed, which happens in your subconscious mind and those that shouldn’t. Subliminal audio messages don’t even get registered by your conscious mind, so they always get to be processed by the subconscious.

Be A Better Friend Positive Affirmations

  • I love to be a great friend
  • I am always there for my friends
  • My friends are making me happy
  • I easily maintain long distance relationships
  • I value my friends immensely

With thoughts like these being sent to your subconscious you will gradually really start thinking that way after a short amount of time, which may very well save your friendship.

How Subliminal Messages Can Help You Become A Better Friend

Subliminal audio messages work because messages it sends repeatedly go into your subconscious mind. So, one of the keys is repetition. The more you listen to them, the faster they will be able to make you a friend that others would never want to let go.

After a few weeks you may realize that you have increased contact with your friends because you changed the way you think about them and made it a point to set time aside to be with your friends as much as is possible.

You will likely realize that you have become empathetic to your friends problems, that you are compassionate and want to help in any way you can, which will surely make your friends feel special and will grow the bond that is already present between you even further, and your friends will like you much more.

You can listen to a subliminal session for about 10 to 20 minutes, preferably two times a day – mornings and evenings.

You can listen to subliminal sessions doing pretty much anything – from making lunch, eating it, or even while you are sleeping.

They work as they do not engage the conscious mind – you can’t even hear them! What you might be able to hear are pleasant sounds that are there so you know that positive subliminal affirmations that help you become an awesome friend are indeed being sent to your subconscious mind.

This short introduction to subliminal messages and how they help you become a good friend will end by suggesting that you download a free subliminal audio recording that will help you get a feel of how subliminal audio is powerful and helpful.

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