How Charisma Subliminal Messages Work


How Charisma Subliminal Messages WorkThis article will discuss a way subliminal messages can help you be the most charismatic person you know, how you can be the one to tell all the funny or interesting stories, how you can be the one to keep the conversation going and become the person people warm up to instantly.

Technical Explanation

Subliminal messages work by sending positive messages to your unconscious brain at specific sound frequencies that the conscious will not notice.

Using specific sound frequencies is important because the purpose of the conscious is to purge any thoughts it finds unfit for the unconscious brain. Unfortunately, the thoughts the conscious finds unfit are the thoughts you are not used to having.

So, if you believe you are not charismatic and that you don’t make friends easily, the conscious will purge all thoughts that want to inform the unconscious that you are in fact a warm, kind person that knows everyone and who everyone else knows too.

Subliminal audio can help you become the confident, extroverted person you know you are capable of becoming by sending positive affirmations to your unconscious mind, while occupying the conscious with the sounds of beautiful music.

Confidence Positive Affirmations

  • I am confident
  • People love to be around me
  • I am charismatic
  • People love to listen to my stories
  • I make people laugh easily

It is imperative that the positive thoughts and affirmations reach the unconscious because that part of you is responsible for changing your behaviors and feelings.

How Subliminal Messages Can Help You To Be More Charismatic

You lack the charisma you seek because you allowed yourself to think negative thoughts like “these people won’t find me amusing” or “I am not a person people love to hang out with” on a constant basis.

You have likely inherited these kinds of thoughts from someone you trusted in the past, or you have had one instance in which they proved true that left a big scar on you.

Perhaps a beautiful man or woman turned you down in your youth and said something to the effect of you not being charismatic enough, so the fear of rejection paralyzes you. Or someone you trusted told you the same thing and you took it for granted.

Subliminal audio will help you be the life of any party, enjoy the friendships you always dreamed about, find the best partner of your life, basically subliminal audio will help you be full of charisma if you allow yourself to be overtaken by the positive affirmations while you listen to the subliminal album.

Granted, you will not consciously hear those positive affirmations because then your conscious would have a chance to negate the affirmations, but you will soon start noticing how you are able to naturally take control of a conversation and make it flow smoothly, how people will start trusting you more and seeking your opinion and how they will laugh at almost any joke you say.

You will likely start feeling some effects of listening to subliminal audio immediately, however it may take multiple sessions, as it does not work the same way for all people.

The best way to figure out how well subliminal audio is working for you is to give it a try yourself. You can download a free mp3 subliminal audio album from Real Subliminal:

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