How Extrovert Personality Subliminal Messages Work


How Extrovert Personality Subliminal Messages WorkThis page will discuss how you can use subliminal audio messages to turn yourself from an introverted, shy, often reserved person that usually spends more time in their mind than with others, even during an outing, to developing an extroverted personality that will allow you to be outspoken, adventurous and charismatic person without a care in the world holding you back to voice your opinion and make lots of great friends.

Technical Explanation

Subliminal audio messages work by repeating positive affirmations to you over and over during one sitting. They work to help you naturally develop and extroverted personality you have been having difficulty developing.

By listening to subliminal audio recordings you will hear cheerful music that will consist of positive affirmations that are recorded on a higher frequency.

Extrovert Personality Positive Affirmations

  • I am an outgoing person
  • I make friends easily
  • I am naturally social
  • I always say what is on my mind
  • I easily connect with people

The reason the affirmations are recorded on a higher frequency is because their goal is to talk with your subconscious without alarming the conscious.

The subconscious is the part of you that makes all the important decisions – who you are, what you want to become, what you believe in and how you behave.

On the other hand, the conscious is the one that gets all the messages thrown at its face. Everything from a flashing ad on a billboard, chatter of people on the street to the news you watch on TV.

The job of your conscious mind is to decide which information is worth giving time to digest. Most of the information your conscious mind just lets bounce off, like when raindrops bounce off from your umbrella without sticking to it.

If it didn’t work that way, you would receive a flood of information and your head would likely explode from it all. Imagine your umbrella keeping all the raindrops that land on it … it’s impossible, or it would collapse from all the weight.

Back on point, the subliminal messages send information, or messages directly to your subconscious on frequencies the conscious mind can not understand. That way there is no risk that your conscious will just bounce any of the positive affirmations sent within subliminal messages.

How Subliminal Messages Can Help You To Develop An Extrovert Personality

You are currently an shy and introverted individual because you have learned that that is the best way to survive, although you consciously know that that is not the case, as most extroverts have an easier time in life – they get better, higher paying jobs faster, have more friends and more potential romantic partners to choose from.

You are an introvert because you have repeated to yourself the negative thoughts that have led you to believe that you are an introvert, and you likely still keep repeating them to yourself.

Subliminal audio can help you change the way you think, it can change your default thoughts so that in time you will develop an extrovert personality naturally.

By listening to a 20 to 30 minute subliminal audio sessions every day, you will soon realize that you have an easy time making friends, that you enjoy talking in a crowd and that they pay attention to you, that you do not hold back your opinions out of fear of ridicule or some similar silly notion, and you will realize you are overall a social person with a good number of friends.

The recordings have a way of working faster for some people than for others. But subliminal messaging is simple, and you can try it yourself for free and experience the way that the albums can help you:

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