How Overcoming Shyness Subliminal Messages Work


How Overcoming Shyness Subliminal Messages WorkThis page will discuss a unique method to get over your shyness. If you always find yourself quiet in a group setting not adding much to the conversation because you feel awkward or just out of place, or if you often find yourself feeling lonely and spend time fantasizing about easily meeting new people, than subliminal audio messages are a great solution for you.

Technical Explanation

Subliminal audio messages are an effective method of getting cured of shyness because they send positive messages to the part of your mind that has the power to change your behavior.

That part of your mind is the unconscious mind. It holds the key to who you are, what motivates you, how you think and feel.

But, the unconscious is hard to get to in a usual way. Because it is susceptible to anything that reaches it, something needs to be in place to choose what kind of messages can reach the subconscious. The part of your mind that chooses the messages that will reach your subconscious is the conscious mind.

As smart as humans are, this is not the best solution in practice, because humans also like to do the least amount of work possible. For you that mean that if you are shy and far from confident around people, it is more likely that you will stay that way despite your best effort.

Simply put, the conscious will probably let all the images and thoughts that reinforce your self image through, and the thoughts and images that challenge the assumptions you hold about your ability to get along great with new people will simply be discarded.

Subliminal audio can send positive affirmations that will make your subconscious accept the images and thoughts you want it to have. By listening to positive affirmations you will finally be able to train your mind so you can become an extroverted, assertive and relaxed person in all social interactions.

Overcoming Shyness Positive Affirmations

  • I am always confident
  • I am calm and relaxed in social situations
  • I have an outgoing personality
  • I become more assertive every day
  • I enjoy talking with people

These key here is that these positive affirmations will be taken by your mind as the default thoughts.

How Subliminal Messages Can Help To Overcome Shyness

You are likely so introverted and shy because you have reinforced that belief within yourself over and over and over. You would tell yourself that worse case scenarios are much closer to the truth then the best case scenarios you have imagined.

You have likely told yourself that people will laugh at you and not with you and you are likely not as socially calibrated as a result of your shyness.

Subliminal audio messages can help you start being confident enough to approach guys and girls you like, easily make friends and become the life of the party by breaking your shyness and transforming it to an outgoing and assertive personality that you are proud to have.

Listening to subliminal albums filled with positive affirmations recorded at a level so only you’re subconscious will hear, you will gradually start noticing changes, although you will likely feel higher confidence in yourself as soon as you are done with the first session.

The best way to feel how good subliminal messages are is to test them out your self. You can do so right now by downloading a free subliminal mp3 album from RealSubliminal:

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