How Confidence Subliminal Messages Work


How Confidence Subliminal Messages Work
Even though it may not seem like it, everyone suffers from lack of confidence at one point in their lives or another. But lack of confidence shouldn’t be holding you back to a life where you lack the kinds of friends you want, or where you don’t get the respect you deserve at work or the life in which you can’t find the most perfect romantic and sexual partner you can imagine.

One of the solutions to boost your confidence is through the use of subliminal audio messages, which this short article will talk to you about.

Technical Explanation

Subliminal audio messages may be something you’ve heard about before but didn’t give it much notice. Maybe you have no idea what it is at all.

Subliminal messages are messages you hear every day, all the time. They are simply messages you receive but you don’t even realize you received them.

For example, imagine that in a commercial you see a flashing image that says “buy now”, just for a tiny fraction of a second. That is enough time for you to receive the message, without consciously knowing it.

But subliminal messages can also be used to help you, they can be used to train your mind work like you want it to work, you can train your mind to be more confident, secure in your self, and you can even train your mind never to even question if you have confidence or not. That might be the goal you are after, the true confidence.

The conscious mind works as a bouncer in a nightclub – it will let those guests (thoughts) through, which it deems worthy. Well, when you are used to letting a certain type of guest in (certain types of thoughts – like I’m not worthy enough), it is hard to change policy and start letting other types of guests in (thoughts like – I am confident and deserve the best).

Subliminal audio messages will repeat positive affirmation that only you’re unconscious will comprehend. The positive affirmations will sound like:

Confidence Positive Affirmations

  • I am more confident with each passing day
  • I can do anything I decide to do
  • I am respected at work
  • I have lots of friends that love me
  • I always speak my mind

Subliminal messages pass the conscious mind and communicate with the unconscious one. The unconscious is the one that has the power to change your behavior and your way of thinking.

How Subliminal Messages Can Help You To Be More Confident

The problem with lack of confidence arises because of the fallacy inside your mind.

The fallacy is that if you were right once, that you were likely right all the other times you had a similar negative thought and you haven’t even acted on it – and it is almost certain that what you thought would not play out in reality.

Perhaps you once thought a negative thought, for example “this lady will never go out with me” which turned out to be true, thus your mind started accepting those negative thoughts about your confidence and self worth easier and easier. You may have even learned the negative way of thinking as a child, from your parents, teachers or friends. It doesn’t matter now. It can change.

Through repetition you have gotten yourself to the point you are now – that you know you need more confidence if you will lead the life you always wanted.

By listening to subliminal audio you might experience a surge in confidence right away.

By listening to it repeatedly, with all those positive messages inside that you will not hear consciously, you will slowly change the way you think permanently.

The moment you gain a surge of confidence and realize that you can indeed do something you thought was above you, you start creating a positive loop – you listen to more audio and you do more things you thought were only possible by your imagination, until finally you are so confident you can relax because you know you don’t need confidence boosters any more.

It is difficult to explain the way subliminal audio works unless you’ve already experienced it. That is why you should try it out for yourself. An great way to do that is to download this free album:

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