How Improve Flexibility Subliminal Messages Work


How Improve Flexibility Subliminal Messages WorkThis article will discuss both how subliminal audio messages work and how they will help you improve your flexibility by pushing you to be consistent in your efforts to improve it and to become better both in everyday life and in practically all sports that require physical extortion.

Technical Explanation

Your conscious mind acts as a defense mechanism between the outside world and the part of you deep down that can motivate you, deepen your desire or change the way you behave – the subconscious.

Usually anything you see, hear or even think gets blocked by the conscious mind for two reasons – one, you receive way too many messages each day to be able to process them by the subconscious mind, and two – messages that change your person in some way require extra attention and are thus much less likely to get to the part of your mind where it matters.

Subliminal audio gets around this problem by sending positive affirmations that will help you become flexible directly to the subconscious by bypassing the conscious mind.

Improve Flexibility Positive Affirmations

  • I am extremely flexible
  • I easily stretch my body any way I want to
  • My muscles are used to stretching
  • I am confident that I can flex easily
  • I am able to stay stretched for long periods of time

Messages like these gradually become your own thoughts and that is why you find it easy to improve flexibility when you consistently listen to subliminal audio.

How Subliminal Messages Can Help Improve Your Flexibility

Subliminal audio can help you be motivated to train your flexibility every day, it can give you enough desire so that you always want to test and break your limits, it will prepare your mind for all the pain that rigorous training will bring you and will thus boost the flexibility and fitness of your whole body.

This all happens because subliminals will repeatedly send positive affirmations that your subconscious will be unable to ignore. You will find yourself desiring to train more and more often.

The first results should be felt practically strait after the first few sessions, that is if you take the time to go over one subliminal session a day.

Please not that what you will hear will only be background sounds so that you know that you subconscious is receiving positive affirmations to boost your flexibility. The actual positive affirmations cannot be heard by our normal hearing because they were intentionally recorded on frequencies that our conscious minds can’t pick up.

This ability of subliminal audio to bypass the conscious mind makes it an extremely powerful ally in all areas of life you want to change, from playing sports better to becoming more happy and positive in general.

This all might sound strange, so the best option might be to test subliminal audio for yourself -first, which you can do for free right now, by getting this session recorded for relaxation:

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