How Increase IQ Subliminal Messages Work


How Increase IQ Subliminal Messages WorkSubliminal audio can help you with almost any problem. Read this page to find out how subliminals work, why they work and how they help you score higher on an IQ test, how they can help you understand the test and gain focus, concentration and clarity of mind during the test.

Technical Explanation

Subliminal messages are sent to your unconscious mind, which is responsible for how you feel and act and behave, and by influencing the unconscious they can help you become sharper and process information at greater pace.

To completely understand how they work, you need to know that the conscious mind is known as the critical mind and it “critiques” information you receive and even your thoughts and decides what should, and what should not be processed in the subconscious mind.

So, if you lack focus or are easily stressed out for example, if you say to yourself that you have a clear mind while you do not believe in that, the thought will likely get discarded by your critical mind.
Subliminal messages work because they bypass the critical mind and send positive affirmations to your subconscious, so the affirmations they send can greatly and much more easily influence you.

Increase IQ Positive Affirmation

  • I easily solve problems
  • I am calm during an IQ test
  • My concentration and focus are excellent
  • I will score highly on the IQ test
  • I retain information easily

Imagine if these thoughts were your primary thoughts when you think about taking an IQ test. The sky would be the only limit! And, repeat anything enough times, it becomes real.

How Subliminal Messages Can Help To Increase IQ

In essence subliminal audio messages influence the part of your mind that can influence your whole being.

It repeats positive subliminal affirmations enough times so you will gradually feel much more focused, you will realize that you absorb information more easily than you used to and find yourself remembering more details.

The thing that most people get caught up about subliminal messages is that they cannot hear them. What they do not understand that it is exactly the reason subliminals work and are able to help you think more rationally and logically.

In other words, you are not supposed to be hearing any words spoken! You might hear only pleasant sounds so you know that the messages are being played to you.

That is how the subliminals bypass the conscious mind. But rest assured that your subconscious does receive the positive affirmations sent by subliminal audio.

You should start seeing an increase in your confidence, focus, mental clarity and logical thinking after a few listens. The more time you take to passively listen to subliminal audio, the more it will help you naturally get a stronger mind, and you will find yourself scoring higher on an IQ test than you imagined you could.

It is not possible to tell you exactly when and how subliminal audio will work for you, as we are all different. But, you can go ahead and test it right now, with a free subliminal mp3 album:

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