How Insomnia Subliminal Messages Work


How Insomnia Subliminal Messages WorkAlmost 65 million Americans suffer from insomnia at any given time. This article is written for you if you count yourself among them as it discusses a lesser known but increasingly popular method people are turning to – the use of subliminal audio.

Read on to discover how to start sleeping naturally again and get proper rest and peace of mind you need with the aid of insomnia subliminal messages.

Technical Explanation

First, let’s discuss how subliminal audio messages work. They are recorded on higher sound frequencies so you won’t actually hear the actual messages.

What you will hear is soothing music, but in the background the positive affirmations will be played to you that will help you cure your insomnia and get a relaxing night sleep.

The affirmations to cure insomnia that will be played to you are, among many others:

Cure Insomnia Positive Affirmations

  • I am relaxed and calm
  • My mind is slowing down
  • My body is comfortable
  • I Fall asleep naturally
  • I am drifting to sleep effortlessly

The reason these positive affirmations are recorded on a higher frequency you can not hear is because your critical mind would likely not accept them and then there would be no point in listening to them.

The critical mind is the one that decides what enters the unconscious, and it is driven mostly by your habits and behaviors.

However, the unconscious mind that is the part of you that changes your habits and behaviors will be able to comprehend these messages perfectly.

You now likely realize the problem is that the critical mind seldom lets the types of information it is not used to into the unconscious, and thus it is hard to change your behaviors.

How Subliminal Messages Can Help To Cure Insomnia

Problems with insomnia occur because you have repeated to yourself numerous times that it is better to stay awake, even if you might be tired. Of course this is not suggesting you have deliberately called up the curse that is insomnia onto yourself.

Rather, you have likely have had to stay study late, or finish up some work, or you were just not able to summarize the hard day you had and your mind just would not shut up and allow you to stop worrying, or you had a very stressful even happen to you that kept you awake at night. Over time irregular sleep patterns became a habit.

Subliminal audio will help you to fall asleep naturally and even more importantly to stay asleep during the night and actually get a good, much needed nights rest, which will allow you to do more work during the day as you will be on your intellectual maximum.

It works by playing the insomnia subliminal album just as you go to bed. The album will gradually help you relax your mind and soothe your body so you can start to rest and have a refreshing dream while you sleep.

Subliminal recording made to help cure your insomnia is a bit different than most albums. Namely, at the end of the album the frequencies that the positive messages are recorded at will stay at the level your mind associates with sleep and rest, and will not try to yank you out of your slumber and put you in a fully alert status like some other subliminal albums might.

Instead, this album is recorded in a fashion that will not just help you fall asleep, but also stay asleep the whole night.

But you do need to understand that the album works in a different way for different people. Some may fall asleep easily during their first time listening to the album, for others it may take longer, depending on both how committed you are to allowing it to work for you and how strong your insomnia is.

The best thing you do is to try subliminal audio for yourself. You can download this free album and see how it works for you:

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