How Jujitsu Subliminal Messages Work


How Jujitsu Subliminal Messages WorkThis page discusses jujitsu and how subliminal audio can help you feel like a jujitsu pro by helping you improve your technique and ability to sense the attacks incoming, the ability to be faster and more confident than your opponents by improving the way you think long term.

This page also discusses how subliminal audio works, and it will start with explaining the technicalities behind subliminal messages.

Technical Explanation

Subliminal messages are kind of covert messages, because you will receive them and possibly act because of them without even knowing.
For example, subliminal audio is recorded on such frequencies that you will not consciously hear, but it will still be able to send messages that will improve your jujitsu skills to your subconscious mind.

Jujitsu Positive Affirmations

  • I always push myself to my limits during jujitsu training
  • I am capable of improving my jujitsu technique every day
  • My limits have never been so stretched as during my jujitsu matches
  • I love jujitsu and am addicted to this martial art
  • My jujitsu ability is improving constantly

Basically, these messages gradually become the way you actually think about yourself and jujitsu. These are just sample messages and you will hear plenty more if you listen to subliminal audio constantly, and they will improve your ability significantly.

How Subliminal Messages Can Help Your Jujitsu Ability

Subliminal audio can help you improve your mindset when you are training or sparring or even fighting jujitsu, so that you become more motivated to train
and feel more assertive and confident when fighting your opponents.

Subliminal messages will help you improve your jujitsu technique too, and this is all because they are able to rewire your mind so that you no longer have limiting beliefs that will stop your progress, stop you feeling that sometimes you practically wasted hours of training and see no results, and all of this is possible through repetition of positive affirmations.

Because positive subliminal affirmations reach your subconscious and go over the conscious, critical mind that rarely accepts new habits or thoughts, you are able to become awesome at martial arts in general, jujitsu included.

You start thinking positive thoughts that motivate you to train more than ever before, and when you see results you get even more motivated, something that creates a positive circle that might never break.

Please note that this can happen when you take the time and listen to subliminal audio messages for jujitsu every day for at least one session which won’t take much of your time.

The best time to do this for most people is just before their training or match, as that is when subliminals are freshest.

To fully understand how subliminal audio works, and more specifically how it will work for you, go ahead and try this free subliminal audio mp3 that will help you relax. Just fill in your name and email below and get the audio instantly:

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