How Motivation Subliminal Messages Work


female sprinter on starting blocks at the olympicsHere is an explanation of how motivation subliminal messages actually work. If you are new to subliminal messaging then this page will explain in simple terms (giving both a technical and non technical view) of how they actually help.

Technical Explanation

From a technical perspective it can be said that subliminal audio is a subconscious tool in that it penetrates into your subconscious mind, bypassing your conscious thoughts. It is your conscious mind which thinks logically and it can be hard to change some beliefs or behavior patterns through conscious thought alone.

So, on a technical level they work by reaching your subconscious mind without you knowing. It is possible to do this because the subliminal statements are recorded at a higher sound frequency than is possible to consciously hear, yet this frequency is still intercepted by your subconscious mind and processed within.

The type of messages themselves are simple, they are just positive affirmations – but made subliminal by tempering with the sound frequency. Here are some examples:

Motivation Positive Affirmations

  • I am naturally motivated
  • I stay motivated at all times
  • Motivation comes naturally to me
  • I stay motivated throughout the life of a new project
  • I am extremely motivated, driven, and ambitious

You can see that if you really believed these statements, if they were a part of your subconscious mind through and through.. that you would be more motivated, that you would find motivation comes naturally to you. This is the most simplest insight into how they work, but lets give a bit further explanation of how they actually help.

How Subliminal Messages Can Help To Increase Motivation

So now that we know they work by the power of positive affirmations, and that they work by bypassing the conscious mind and sending these messages straight into the subconscious.. so what? How does this actually help to create change? To make you more motivated?

Well, on a daily basis you may be sending 100s of simple focused positive messages into your mind, all positive statements about motivation.

Once these messages are inside your mind they start to build and build. Naturally they start to become a part of who you are. You start to believe them, and once this is the case then it is only a short time before they start to come true, before they become a self fulfilling prophecy.

Belief is the seed of life, once we really believe something about ourselves then it has to be true – for example, once you really truly believe that you are extremely motivated, driven, and ambitious then you will be so. Belief is the vital first step from which all change follows – so in this instance you really change your beliefs about yourself and your ability to be productive and motivated.

You are basically taking control of the information your mind receives – you are ensuring that you receive positive information, to change your beliefs about yourself and change the way you behave. You start to believe that you are naturally motivated, and you start to act with passion, ambition and a consistent level of solid motivation in all of your acts.

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