How Productivity Subliminal Messages Work


picture of a woman at her messy office desk piled high with papersIf you are interested to use subliminal suggestion to aid productivity then this information will firstly educate you – explaining from both a technical and a more down to earth perspective, and then help you to decide if it is the right method for you or not.

Technical Explanation

Lets start with a basic technical explanation first.

Subliminal messaging is a tool which is used to access the subconscious mind.

This is because the subliminal messages, when in audio format, are sent at a higher sound frequencies – often just at the very edge of conscious human hearing levels, and they are intercepted by the subconscious mind where they are processed directly.

Because they bypass the conscious mind this means that there is no logical conscious interference. Often when making a change we have struggled with for years it can be harder because of the conscious mind is so used to working and thinking in a certain way – when you try to change (even if it is for the better) the logical conscious mind can resist.

This is important as this is what gives subliminal audio its somewhat “passive” quality; i.e. you can listen without actually “hearing” the subliminal statements consciously, but they still reach your subconscious mind – there has been a lot of research to test this phenomenon.

The messages themselves are simply positive affirmations, i.e. simple positive statements which are relevant to the specific area of change. Here are some examples of positive affirmations for productivity:

Productivity Positive Affirmations

  • I am naturally productive
  • I am productive at all times of the day
  • Productivity and efficiency are my natural talents
  • I am always productive no matter what the circumstances
  • Being productive and getting things done comes easily to me

These are very simple positive affirmations. The idea is that if you say them enough you flood your mind with positivity about this particular area – the only difference is that when they are made subliminal you don’t actually consciously hear the statement (but it still reaches your subconscious mind). This is just the very basics, but now we will go into a little more depth about how they actually work to help you.

How Subliminal Messages Can Help To Increase Productivity

It is actually because they miss out the conscious mind, not in spite of it, that they work, and which gives the product it’s uniqueness.

There are very few tools which do this in-fact, but a more commonly known one is hypnosis – under hypnosis, the individual is in a trance like state where they are open subconsciously – the hypnotist has direct access to their inner mind and makes suggestions there.

It is similar with subliminal messages – only you are not in so much of a deep trance, but the messages still reach your subconscious mind without your conscious interfering.

Because of this you are able to send literally hundreds of positive messages into your subconscious mind where they are accepted without question.

They begin to build and build and then start to spill over into your conscious mind. You find yourself thinking more positively about getting things done, and your self beliefs of yourself as a productive person start to change.

This is when the change really happens – once you believe you can be productive than you can be productive, then you do actually become productive.

Imagine it the other way around – imagine if someone told you 100 times a day that you were unproductive.. it would become a self fulfilling prophecy right?

Now all you are doing is flipping things the other way round with the help of a focused tool to ensure that you get told 100x a day that you are productive, and in control. It works on the same principle – you subliminally receive these messages so often that you believe them and act upon them and they change your outward behavior.

Find out more about subliminal messaging and productivity – download this free subliminal mp3 and educational email series explaining more about subliminal audio- try it for yourself and see if it increases your productivity:

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