How Pool Subliminal Messages Work


How Pool Subliminal Messages WorkThis page will talk about both how subliminal audio messages work and how they can help you improve your pool and billiards playing ability by increasing your concentration while taking shots, your accuracy, consistency and focus.

Technical Explanation

Subliminal audio messages go over your conscious hearing threshold, meaning that you can’t hear them with the way you normally hear things. Instead, you pick them up on a subconscious level.

This is important as the conscious mind serves as a mechanism which lets only a number out of numerous messages and information we receive each day get into our subconscious mind, and only then can they influence us.

Subliminal audio is capable of sending positive affirmations about our pool and billiard skills to our subconscious minds without the interference of the conscious.

Pool Positive Affirmations

  • I love to play pool every day
  • I am completely focused when I take my shots
  • I always feel like I’m in the zone
  • I have a natural talent for pool
  • I easily visualize every shot before I take it

These are sample messages that will gradually become the way you think while you are playing or practicing your shots.

How Subliminal Messages Can Help Better Your Pool, Billiard Game

Subliminal audio is capable of improving your shot accuracy and focus while you are playing either pool and billiard, it can help improve your concentration and your attitude so that you are always absolutely confident in yourself when it comes to taking shots, even the game winning shots when you know that you will have no chance to repeat.

It is possible when you take the time and listen to subliminal messages for pool training every day, preferably even twice a day. But, it doesn’t have to take too much out of your time as you can listen to subliminal audio when you are relaxing, reading the newspaper or sleeping, just make sure not to listen to it when you are doing something that requires your full mental attention as subliminal messages are relaxing.

Subliminal audio works while you sleep because you will not be able to hear the actual messages being played, as already discussed. This way the messages go over the conscious mind, and that is why they are able to help you improve your accuracy while shooting billiard or pool.

Instead you might hear pleasing sounds recorded over the subliminals so you know that the messages are actually being played.

But, it is important that subliminal audio will not improve your pool or billiard shooting abilities like magic – you still have to practice every day. The messages themselves will set your mind up so you think like pro billiard players do when they are taking difficult shots.

Get started with subliminal audio and unlock its power by downloading a free subliminal mp3 to get you started:

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