How Positive Self Talk Subliminal Messages Work


This article is all about positive self talk subliminal messages. Reading this article will allow you to learn how positive self talk subliminal messages work, how long it takes to see results from them and if they are the right thing for your personal development journey.

Technical Explanation

To understand how subliminal messages work you first need to know that you have both a conscious and unconscious mind.

It’s your conscious mind that is responsible for all logical thinking and it’s also important to know that your conscious mind likes to resist change even if that change does happen to be for the positive.

Unlike your conscious mind, your unconscious mind, also known as your subconscious mind, isn’t capable of logical thought and instead accepts anything sent to it as true and it’s the part of your mind where all your beliefs and automatic behaviours happened to be stored.

Now you know about the conscious and unconscious mind, you can now know that a subliminal message happens to be a message that has been put together in such a way that it bypasses the conscious mind and instead communicates directly with your subconscious mind.

There are many ways a message can be made subliminal but since this article is about subliminal audio, there’s no point wasting time discussing the other methods, so subliminal audio is made by taking a message and recording it at a frequency level that the human ear can’t consciously interpret.

One question you may be asking yourself is what are the messages contained in subliminal audio. Well, the messages contained in subliminal audio happen to be nothing more than simple positive affirmations, affirmations such as:

Positive Self Talk Positive Affirmations

  • I am a positive thinker
  • I have a can-do attitude
  • Positive self talk comes naturally to me
  • I am free of all negative thoughts
  • I know that I can achieve anything I put my mind to

The above list is a small selection of the kind of positive affirmations you will find in subliminal audio for positive self talk. Positive affirmations as you may already be able to see just happen to be a set of beliefs and if you happened to believe those above affirmations then you would be someone who uses positive self talk and because of this you will be someone who is always smiling and happy.

How Subliminal Messages Can Help To Improve Positive Self Talk

The reason you currently think negative thoughts and talk to yourself in a negative manner is because of the beliefs you currently hold. Right now you believe that you aren’t worthy of good things, that you’re dumb, you’re unattractive and just that the world in general is against you.

You can change those beliefs though and subliminal audio is one of a number of tools that gives you the ability to do so.

The way that subliminal messages work to change your beliefs is by communicating directly with your subconscious mind and using the power of repetition to overwrite your current negative beliefs and replaces them with positive beliefs.

You see, what happens is that when you listen to a subliminal audio track, your subconscious mind is being sent all these positive affirmations and what happens is that because of repetition they eventually start to sink in and your old beliefs get washed away and since are beliefs cause our behaviours, you eventually end up becoming someone who talks to themselves in a positive manner.

It’s important to take in that it’s repetition that allows subliminal audio to work. This means then that it’s not a magic bullet and you can’t listen to the audio album once and expect to completely free of negative self talk, instead you will need to listen to it over and over again and eventually you will become someone who is a positive thinker.

You now know pretty much all there is to know about subliminal audio and all you need to do now is give it a try for yourself and you can do that by entering your details below and getting your free subliminal audio track:

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