How Public Speaking Subliminal messages Work


How Public Speaking Subliminal messages WorkReading this article will help you understand how your feelings of anxiety and fear when you need to give a public speech can be changed from negative to positive, how you can use public speaking subliminal messages to help you get over your fears and how these messages work.

Technical Explanation

By listening to subliminal audio messages you will be able to change your negative thoughts about public speaking to positive ones.

You can learn how to slow down your racing heart and relieve the stress you feel you feel before you need to give a speech and you can also learn how to stop the paralyzing fear that overwhelms you before you start your speech by controlling the thoughts that come into your mind.

Subliminal audio messages can help you control the negative thoughts by sending positive affirmations directly to your subconscious mind.

Public Speaking Positive Affirmations

  • I enjoy speaking in public
  • I am a confident speaker
  • I am naturally relaxed
  • I speak clearly and calmly
  • I am a fearless speaker

The reason these positive affirmations for public speaking will work much better when you consume them through subliminal audio compared to when you recite them to yourself in front of a mirror is because your conscious mind can not negate subliminal messages when they are consumed via subliminal audio.

They work by bypassing the conscious mind and speaking directly to the subconscious, because they are recorded at a specific frequency so that you are not able to consciously hear the positive affirmations, but the subconscious mind does interpret the positive messages.

That way your conscious mind can not give you any reasons why the affirmations are not true, but you would still understand them at a core level, and eventually accept them as the truth.

How Subliminal Messages Can Help You Give Public Speeches

An often cited, but true fact is that the fear of public speaking is the greatest fear human beings have, even greater than death. But the true reason you are afraid in of public speaking and why it gets your blood pumping like crazy is because you have thought yourself to think about a negative outcome when you think of public speaking.

Instead of imagining people giving you a standing ovation when you finished your speech, you likely imagined yourself being laughed at, or possibly embarrassed because you forgot the words to the speech, or maybe you just imagined people being bored out of their minds hoping the speech will end real soon.

Subliminal messages bypass your conscious mind and send the positive affirmations directly to the subconscious.

That means that by listening to subliminal audio recordings that you will not consciously hear any words spoken that will help you with your public speaking ability, rather you will hear pleasant ambient sounds, while your subconsciousness receives the actual messages that are recorded at the specific frequency.

Please note that subliminal audio messages do not work the same for all people. Some get the much needed boost in confidence and are able to speak in public as soon as they finish a subliminal audio session, while for others it may take weeks of listening to a 20 minute session per day to negate all the negative thoughts and feelings they accumulated whenever they thought of giving a speech in public.

The best way to get a sense of how good subliminal messages work for you is to download a free subliminal mp3 album right now and give it a try:

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