How Stress Relief Subliminal Messages Work


How Stress Relief Subliminal Messages Work
Let this article explain how subliminal audio messages can help relief your stress. It will help you understand why subliminal messages can be effective, the extent of their effectiveness in helping you stop worrying and stressing out and also how exactly stress relief subliminal messages work.

Technical Explanation

Subliminal messages penetrate directly into your subconscious mind by hiding (in a manner of speaking) inside another message or by being shown very briefly so the conscious mind does not even realize that you have received the message. A good example of a subliminal message is a flashing image show just for a few milliseconds.

The conscious mind is like a personal security guard that decides what kinds of messages will enter the subconscious. It has a tendency to weed out all the messages it considers harmful, weather that may be the case or not.

For example, believe it or not, your subconscious mind might think that being stressed out is a great thing. Thus, your security guard will not let any messages go into your subconscious that contradict the fact.

The reason why you need to penetrate into the subconscious mind is because the subconscious is where you can change your thought patterns and beliefs about stress.

Subliminal audio messages with recorded positive affirmations that will talk directly to your subconscious are a great way to eliminate your excessive worrying. Those positive affirmations are fairly simple:

Stress Relief Positive Affirmations

  • I am always relaxed
  • My tensions are lessoning
  • I am stress free
  • My worries are melting down
  • My mind is relaxed and calm

When repeated enough times, anything can become the truth. These positive affirmations can become your truth within a reasonable amount of time and some effort on your part.

How Subliminal Messages Can Help To Relief Stress

Hopefully you understand that you have brought your excessive worrying and stress upon yourself. Not intentionally of course, and this is in no way meant to make you feel bad.

The simple truth is that if you got yourself into this stressful mindset, rest assured that you are more than capable of getting yourself out of it.
To answer the question of how you influenced your current state of mind lets just say that you have likely repeated to yourself numerous times that you need to worry or stress over this situation or that. And you may have been right, life can indeed be stressful.

But you can cure yourself. And subliminal audio can act as an invaluably helpful instrument if you truly wish to become permanently stress free.

Take out just 20 minutes of your day to listen to the subliminal messages with the positive affirmations that your security guide (conscious mind) won’t be able to interfere with because you won’t even consciously hear them, which is the point of using subliminal messages.

What you will hear is relaxing music and in the background the positive affirmations will help you to slowly, but surely change your mindset, and you will change as a result too.

Of course subliminal audio may have a greater effect for some people than it does on others. For some it takes longer than does for others to notice real, lasting change.

The best way to be confident that subliminals can have on your life is to give them a try. You can even download a free album and judge how good it works for you:

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