How Remember Dreams Subliminal Messages Work


How to use positive affirmations for maximum benefitRead this page to find out how to use subliminal audio messages to help you remember dreams, the details of what happened in your dreams so you can interpret them later, and how to develop the habit of remembering your dreams and writing them down as soon as you wake up.

Technical Explanation

Subliminal messages are messages that pass below the threshold of conscious perception. For example it might be a message that is recorded in a song that you would not be able to consciously hear because the song would be much louder than the message.

They work because they send positive subliminal affirmations directly to the part of your mind that influences you as a being. That part is the subconscious.

Remember Dreams Positive Affirmations

  • I remember my dreams naturally
  • I recall all details of my dreams
  • I will have many dreams tonight
  • I dream every time I sleep
  • I am always aware of my dreams

Normally, most messages you do not believe in deep down would not reach the subconscious. You see, the conscious mind discards them.

So if you do not believe you will remember dreams in detail and that you will dream every night and still say to yourself you will, the conscious would simply “destroy” those messages before they had the chance to become true for you.

How Subliminal Messages Can Help You Remember Dreams

Subliminal audio messages help you go around the conscious mind because the messages you are sent with subliminal audio are recorded on a specific frequency only your subconscious can make sense of.

Listening to subliminal recordings will help you get the habit to remember dreams as soon as you wake up. You will gradually learn to recall more and more details of your dreams, until it becomes your second nature. You might even learn to interpret the dreams yourself, dream lucidly and project your astral self, but most importantly, you will dream on a consistent, everyday basis, and of course have the ability to remember all of those dreams.

Subliminal audio can be listened to while you do almost anything, or at least while you are doing something during which you can allow yourself to relax even further, like watching the TV, or browsing the internet, or while taking a walk. You can even play the mp3 or cd file while you sleep.

It works passively and you cannot hear any actual words spoken because they do not engage the conscious mind. All you will hear are sounds of ocean, fire or wind, or something similar that is recorded to keep your consciousness occupied.

It is fairly difficult to explain the inner workings of subliminal messages. Thus it may be the best option to give them a try yourself, right now, for free:

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