How Resolve Past Shame Subliminal Messages Work


How Resolve Past Shame Subliminal Messages WorkThis article will discuss how subliminal audio messages can help you put memories of a shameful past deed to rest, how they work and what kind of help you can expect form them so you can resolve past shame.

Technical Explanation

What subliminal audio messages do different than regular messages is that hey can communicate with the subconscious directly, by sending positive subliminal messages that will help you to stop being ashamed and to stop feeling embarrassed of actions that you have committed in the past.

The subconscious mind is the part of your mind that is highly suggestible and easily accepts anything as reality, which makes it vulnerable, especially considering that it processes your emotions and behaviors. That is the part of yourself that forms you as a person.

Conscious mind, on the other hand, literary picks the kinds of outside messages, including your own thoughts, it will allow to be processed. But, in order to save effort, it usually allows the kinds of messages, thoughts, or feelings you are used to, to be processed.

That means that if you are used to feeling shame on unresolved past actions, and if they are still an emotional and psychological burden, you will have a hard time turning those feelings around.

Subliminal audio works because through it positive affirmations go directly to the subconscious, skipping the conscious mind altogether.

Resolve Past Shame Positive Affirmations

  • I accept what I have done
  • I move away from my shameful acts
  • I feel great about my future
  • I feel neutral about my past
  • I am moving on happily

Positive affirmations like these, recorded inside subliminal messages will gradually change the way you think about past unresolved shame, and you will finally be able to feel good about the future by letting the past stay in the past.

How Subliminal Messages Can Help You To Resolve Past Shame

Repeating to yourself an uncountable number of times that you should still be ashamed by something you did in the past, coupled with intense emotions you had when you “committed the deed” in the past that is still haunting you created a powerful negative emotional force inside of you.

Subliminal audio can help you resolve past shame if you are truly committed to handling this problem and starting a fresh new life in which you will be happy and positive once the burden is finally lifted.

If you give your absolute best to resolve the issue, subliminal audio can help you bring your guilt over past actions to the surface, so you can examine yourself and what you have done so you can stop hiding the truth and begin healing.

Then, subliminal audio will drill inside you the positive messages that will help you to no longer feel negative about yourself or your past and that means no more shame or embarrassment, just the ability to move on with your life.

What subliminal audio can not do for you is make you face your issues of guilt, and it can not work instantly, over just one listen during a day. Some people will get results faster than others, and it all comes down to how truly committed you are to resolving yourself of the guilt, but also how deep the emotional scars are.

If you think subliminal audio might be a good solution to your problem, go and grab a free subliminal audio mp3 album and make sure it’s a good fit for you right now:

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