How Self Help Subliminal Messages Work


How Self Help Subliminal Messages WorkSubliminal audio messages are used to help people deal with many issues they face in life, such as anger management, controlling your emotions, developing courage, improving social skills and resolving past shame, among many others.

This article will give you an overview of how self help subliminal messages work and what you can expect from them if you investing your time to give them a try.

Technical Explanation

While subliminal messages are feared by many people as they are messages that you receive without even realizing it, the truth is that they can not neither hurt nor help you unless you allow them to.

A classic example of a subliminal message would be an image that is quickly flashed during a video so that you don’t even realize you saw it. For example if an ad shows any product and flashes the words “buy now” during the commercial very quickly.

But the main use of subliminal messages you should focus on is on your personal development. Subliminal audio messages work for self help because they pass below the radar of the conscious brain, allowing you to work through an issue you may have.

For example if you worry excessively, just trying to consciously change your habit of worrying by force will not work, because whenever you try and give yourself reasons why you should not worry, your consciousness will give you countless reasons of why you should indeed worry.

Subliminal messages work around your consciousness and send multiple positive affirmations to your subconscious mind directly:

Self Help Positive Affirmations

  • I am a naturally positive person
  • I see the bright side of any situation
  • I am a highly confident individual
  • I believe in myself fully
  • I am developing as a person each day

Positive affirmations similar to the ones listed below would get instant negative feedback by your conscious mind, if you tried to make yourself believe them by reciting them to yourself on a constant basis.

Subliminal messages are a perfect workaround, as the conscious mind does not even understand that they are sent to you, and yet you do understand them and they do work because you want them to work.

How Subliminal Messages Can Help You Help Yourself

It has been hinted in this article that you are your own worst enemy. Or rather your conscious mind is. Unfortunately that is true, as your mind holds on with a tight grip to an identity you created for yourself over a long period of time, even if that identity was made by a tragic even in the past, or perhaps by a lot of missed opportunities in life which you now regret.

Subliminal audio can help you drill into your head the positive view of the world and help you get rid of situations that worry you, as they can help you control your emotions or allow you to allow yourself to let the emotions out completely by not fighting the worst enemy, your mind, rather subliminal audio helps by working around it.

In reality that means that while you listen to a subliminal audio recording you will never hear the positive affirmations. If you were able to hear them, the conscious mind would just negate the positive messages. During your listen of subliminal audio you will only hear pleasant pleasing sounds of nature or perhaps nothing at all.

Subliminal audio is not a magic cure and has no power to help you if you do not want to help yourself. It can not make you change on its own. But, it can be an awesome way to push yourself even further forward than you thought possible.

It is difficult to give an accurate description in writing of how subliminal audio feels. The folks over at Real Subliminal have made a free subliminal audio mp3 for you to try it out and judge the effectiveness for yourself:

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