How Self Discipline Subliminal Messages Work


Welcome to our guide to self-discipline subliminal messages. Our aim for this guide is to give you the reader a complete education in how subliminal messages work, explaining them from both a technical and non-technical view point and giving you everything you need to decide if they are the tool you will use to bring change within yourself.

Technical Explanation

Subliminal messages utilize the power of positive affirmations, however instead of using the conscious mind to change your beliefs, the affirmations are made subliminal in order to reach the subconscious mind.

There are many ways to make a message subliminal but in regards to audio subliminal messages, they are made subliminal by recording and playing them at a frequency that is at around 17-18Hz, which happens to be beyond the level that the human ears can consciously pick up on.

Since these messages aren’t consciously picked up on, you don’t know what messages are being sent to your brain but your subconscious mind does pick up on them and there are many studies that show that subliminal messages do work and that the subconscious mind does indeed receive the messages.

It’s down to them bypassing the conscious mind that subliminal messages are great for causing change as the conscious mind can be very resistant to change, so by skipping the conscious mind altogether you get change much quicker.

Many media outlets and self-help gurus want to complicate subliminal messages but as has been said they are nothing more than positive affirmations that have been put into a subliminal format.

Examples of the positive affirmations contained in a subliminal audio for developing self-discipline include:

Self Discipline Positive Affirmations

  • I am a highly self-disciplined individual.
  • I always make sure to do what I’m supposed to be doing
  • I keep on going even when things get tough
  • Even if my mood is low I still push through and get my tasks done
  • I am very persistent

Those affirmations are rather simple but they are also very powerful and by using the power of constant repetition you will start to eventually believe such statements and since you become what you think, you end up turning into someone who is highly self-disciplined and has an abundance of willpower, persistence and doesn’t even think about procrastinating.

How Subliminal Messages Can Help To Improve Self Discipline

It has been said earlier in this article that subliminal messages are nothing but positive affirmations that have been put into subliminal form.

This means then that subliminal audio works on the same principle of positive affirmations, which is by flooding your brain with these positive statements and beliefs through the power of repetition.

After exposing your brain enough times to these statements, what happens is your old beliefs that are stopping you from being a highly self-disciplined individual are replaced with ones that give you an incredible amount of willpower, persistence and motivation, allowing you to be someone who can be classed as self-disciplined.

Even though they happen to both operate on the same basic principal, subliminal messages offer the benefit of being more passive meaning you don’t have to repeat the messages over and over.

This means that you can save time and flood your brain with the positive statements on a constant basis as you can listen to the audio track whenever and wherever.

You are probably now much more interested in using subliminal messages to make changes in your life, well it’s important to keep in mind that they aren’t a quick fix.

It will take time to see results, you can’t expect to give the audio track one listen and have massive levels of self-discipline over-night. Instead you will have to give it many listens and after each listen your self-discipline levels will grow and grow.

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