How Skateboarding Skills Subliminal Messages Work


How Skateboarding Skills Subliminal Messages WorkThis page will explain how subliminal audio messages can help expand your skateboarding skills so that you find it easy to perform tricks that were once hard and also strengthen your mental confidence while both performing and learning new tricks.

First, this page will talk you through how subliminal audio messages work.

Technical Explanation

Subliminal messages are successful at passing below the threshold of your consciousness, while still being able to send the message that was intended to be sent.

This all happens because they are sent at frequencies your conscious mind can’t perceive, but your unconscious mind does. Therein lies the power of subliminal audio, as it sends numerous positive affirmation to your subconscious that it is able to act upon unobstructed by the doubt often shadowed on your positive thoughts by your conscious mind.

Skateboarding Skills Positive Affirmations

  • I am always aware of my surroundings when I’m skateboarding
  • I am completely confident in my abilities to carve and stop
  • I am learning new tricks all the time
  • I am always maximally focused on the trick I’m doing
  • I easily achieve perfect balance on the board

These and similar subliminals, when repeated enough times simply become your own thoughts by replacing old negative beliefs you once held.

How Subliminal Messages Can Help To Improve Your Skateboarding Skills

Subliminal audio can help you be positive and know that you will develop your skateboarding abilities easily and help you effortlessly get to the next level of skill you wanted to achieve for a long time by sending positive subliminal affirmations each time you listen to the audio mp3s.

You should take the time out of each day to listen to subliminal audio for at least 20 minutes, so that it can be of maximum benefit to you. If you wish, you can listen to it for even longer.

It works pretty much at all times – when you sleep, relax, eat or drink but it is not recommended to listen to subliminals while you practice your skateboarding tricks as it has a tendency to relax people, and that is not something you want during your practice.

Most people realize that they really believe that they are capable of doing anything while they are on their boards(skateboards, wakeboards, snowboards), after about a few weeks time, although subliminals do work slightly differently for every individual – none of us are the same after all.

It is also important to understand that these messages will not be able to change your mindset unless you really want it. To say it in other words, subliminal messages cannot make you change or improve yourself in ways you don’t really wish to improve in deep down.

This may all seem confusing at first, but it will be so only until you grab your first subliminal audio recording and find out firsthand how well subliminal messages work for you. And you can do that right now – get a free subliminal audio recording by inputting your name and email below:

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