How Stop Night Terrors Subliminal Messages Work


How Stop Night Terrors Subliminal Messages WorkRead this short post to find out how you can use subliminal audio messages to help you or your children stop having night terrors and all the stress, worries, problems and negativity they bring into your life.

This short post will also address how subliminal audio works and why it helps.

Technical Explanation

The reason most of your or your friends thoughts do not get to influence you is because the conscious, or critical mind acts as a gatekeeper – it decides whether a thought is potentially damaging to your mental health or not to your subconscious, the part of your mind that has the power to influence your behavior, emotions and thoughts.

It deems most thoughts that require effort to change yourself and your thought process as potentially damaging.

So, as stopping your (or your children’s) sleep terrors demands effort in the form of changing your thought process, the conscious mind may find those thoughts potentially damaging to you as a being.

Subliminal audio messages overcome the problem of being scrutinized by the conscious mind by “talking” with the subconscious directly. The “conversation” happens in the form of positive subliminal affirmations.

Stop Night Terrors Positive Affirmations

  • I will have nice dreams
  • I always have enjoyable dreams
  • Positive energy flows through me
  • I am naturally relaxed and calm
  • I love my dreams

These and similar thoughts, or messages, are sent to your subconscious so many times that it cannot ignore them and it has to accept them as your truth, especially considering your conscious desire for change is aligned with the positive affirmations being sent to the subconscious.

How Subliminal Messages Can Help To Stop Night Terrors

The key reason subliminal messages work is that they communicate with the subconscious directly. But, another, not so obvious reason is that they repeat positive affirmations so many times that you gradually change the negative thought process and make it a positive one.

By doing this you or your kids will not just stop having night terrors or nightmares by using natural means, but you will also be in the position to mitigate negative energy associated with poor rest you get during sleep, you will be able to completely calm your mind and get a proper nights rest that will dissolve any stress and worries you get as a result of a bad dream full of terrors.

Learn how to consistently get a good night’s sleep, clear your mind, relax your body, dissolve stress and become as productive as you wish to be by getting rid of sleep terrors by listening to a subliminal session at least once a day.

You should feel changes within a few weeks. Over time, you should learn to naturally have a proper rest during the night, unobstructed by nightmares or bad dreams that you carry on into the next day.

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