How Stop Procrastination Subliminal Messages Work


Funny picture about procrastinationProcrastination is a very popular area of subliminal stimuli, it being one of the main ways people use subliminal audio. This article will explain in a down to earth way how they can help you to overcome procrastination as well as giving a technical perspective too.

Technical Explanation

We will start with the technical explanation first.

As a most basic explanation, subliminal messages are simply a tool which gains access to your subconscious mind, without your conscious knowledge.

This is done as the messages themselves are at a sound frequency just outside the range of conscious human hearing – so you don’t hear them, but they are still picked up by your subconscious mind. There is a lot of research to show that subliminal messages do work in this way – that they do reach the subconscious mind.

Because of this, because there is no conscious interference with the message it goes straight to your brain, unedited. There is no resistance to change by your conscious mind and this is why it is gaining such popularity as a self improvement tool. It means you can make changes to your patterns of thinking which are hard to change with conscious development alone.

Subliminal messaging is simple, it is nothing more than this. It is often over complicated, even mystified by the media, but really it is pretty simple, and the actual format of the messages is very simple too – at their heart they are just positive statements, affirmations which aim to instill a belief within your mind. Here are some examples:

Procrastination Positive Affirmations

  • I am proactive
  • I am a natural action taker
  • I always act immediately when something is required of me
  • I always act instantly when I need to get something done
  • I am productive and work consistently at all times

These are very simple positive affirmations for procrastination. The logic behind affirmations is that you are taking control of the information your mind receives and you are flooding it with positive statements. These statements build and build within your subconscious mind to the point where they spill over into your conscious mind, where you have said them so many times that you believe them and they really do start to give you discipline and persistence and change your outward behavior

This is just the foundation though, now we will talk in a little more detail about how, when they are moved to a subliminal sound frequency these positive affirmations can help you.

How Subliminal Messages Can Help To Stop Procrastination

Now that we know that subliminal messages for procrastination are simply affirmations made subliminal. It is quite easy to continue on to explain how they work. To explain one or the other, affirmations, or subliminal statements is almost the same.

They work on the same principles, the only difference is basically the advantage you get with subliminal audio in that it is a more “passive” tool than affirmations. For example, instead of having to say the statements to yourself, you simply play your subliminal recording and listen passively as you do other tasks, but don’t listen to them when you are operating heavy machinery or driving, as they can be quite relaxing. It is not such a deep trance tool such as hypnosis, you can listen and do other things productively still.

Over time the statements build within your mind to change your patterns of thinking on a deeper level. For instance, just imagine if you head the following phrase, 100s of times a day for a month: I always act immediately when something is required of me.

This is how a belief is created; through consistent repetition. After hearing this (subconsciously) 100s of times you start to believe it. It becomes a familiar phrase to you.

You are in control! Instead of letting your mind wander and develop beliefs and habits through your daily interactions (which may or may not be positive), or letting your negative habits become more and more ingrained and established within your mind, you are taking control.

You are targeting your subconscious mind with 100s of positive subliminal messages a day to break down your negative habits and patterns of thinking and replace them for positive ones. In this instance to break your tendency to procrastinate and instill within you beliefs such as that you are naturally motivated and productive, that you enjoy taking action and getting things done.

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