How Stop Self Pity Subliminal Messages Work


selfpityYou have reached our complete guide on self pity subliminal messages. For someone who is new to subliminal messaging, the whole thing can seem rather confusing but in this guide we will use plain and simple to understand language to educate you about how subliminal messages work and what kind of results you can expect from them.

Technical Explanation

When it comes to explaining subliminal messages from a technical angle, it can be said that subliminal messages are those messages that skip communication with the conscious mind and instead directly communicates with the subconscious mind.

This might seem confusing to you if you have no idea what your conscious and subconscious mind are and well your conscious mind happens to be the part of your mind that is capable of logical thinking and your subconscious mind isn’t capable of logical thinking at all.

The reason you may want to bypass the conscious mind and talk directly with the subconscious is simply because the conscious mind does its best to resist any change even if it’s positive, whereas the subconscious mind just happens to accept anything sent to it as true.

You may have already gathered that since subliminal messages are only picked up by the subconscious mind that means you aren’t actually aware of the specific messages being sent to you, meaning you could be picking up a subliminal message right now and you wouldn’t know about it.

Now you know what subliminal messages are and have an understanding of the conscious and subconscious mind, you may be wondering how a message is made subliminal.

Well, there is many ways a message can be made subliminal, for example one of the methods is flashing the message on a screen so fast that the human eye can’t consciously pick up on it.

When it comes to subliminal audio though, the way it is made subliminal is by recording the messages at a frequency of around 17-18Hz, which is just above the frequency level that the human ear can consciously pick up on.

You may be wondering what the messages contained in subliminal audio are and well they just happen to be positive affirmations and the kind of positive affirmations you would find in subliminal audio for stopping self pity are:

Stop Self Pity Positive Affirmations

  • I am confident
  • I 100% know that I am good enough
  • I am a positive thinker
  • I am free from self pity
  • I love myself

These are the simple positive affirmations that you would find in a stop self pity subliminal audio album. As you can see those affirmations just happen to be a set of beliefs. I’m sure that you would agree that if you fully believed those things then you would be someone who is free of self-pity.

Now that you know that the messages contained in subliminal audio are positive affirmations, let’s take a look at the benefits of putting them into a subliminal format.

How Subliminal Messages Can Help To Stop Self Pity

It has been said already that subliminal audio happens to be nothing but positive affirmations that have been made subliminal.

Well, if you have any experience with positive affirmations then you know that they work through the power of repetition and this means that subliminal messages work in the same way.

What happens then when you listen to a subliminal audio track for stopping self-pity is that all these positive affirmations that contain positive and empowering beliefs are sent to your subconscious mind and due to repetition they end up overwriting your old disempowering beliefs.

Since subliminal messages just happen to be positive affirmations made subliminal many people wonder why they should bother with subliminal messages.

Well, with subliminal audio you can just sit back and relax and flood your brain with these positive messages, unlike with affirmations where you have to find the time to repeat the statements aloud and you can’t constantly be flooding your brain with these positive statements.

Many people who come across subliminal audio thinks it’s some sort of magic bullet. As has been said though, subliminal messages rely on the power of repetition, so that means you can’t just give them one listen and expect to be free of self pity.

Instead it will take many listens to see a big change but after each listen you will notice that you are that little be happier, that little bit more confident and just feeling that little bit less of self pity.

If you want to give subliminal audio a try for yourself and start becoming the person you want to be then enter your name and email below to get your free subliminal audio album:

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