How Swimming Subliminal Messages Work


How Swimming Subliminal Messages WorkThis post aims to explain how subliminal audio can help you get better swimming technique, how you can train to the next level and get more powerful strokes during both training and competitive swimming.

It will explain how you can rewire your mind so that you think just like professional swimmers do, but first he post will talk about how subliminal audio works.

Technical Explanation

There are two parts of the mind that work together. The subconscious mind, the part you wish to influence because it controls the emotions, habits and so on, and the conscious mind which acts as a go between the subconscious mind and the world.

The conscious mind selects messages and thoughts coming from your brain or from anyone or anything else and decides which ones are suitable to be processed. The processing of thoughts is done by the subconscious.

Subliminal audio is capable of fully bypassing the conscious mind and sends positive messages to the subconscious directly.

Swimming Positive Affirmations

  • I am a naturally good swimmer
  • I am completely dedicated to training
  • My strokes are improving each day
  • I have excellent endurance
  • My motivation is high at all times

These are just sample messages, but they will, over time, become your own thoughts if you listen to subliminal audio regularly.

How Subliminal Messages Can Help You Swim Like A Pro

Subliminal messages help improve your swimming technique, help you perfect your crawl and long, help you front crawl properly and your long distance swimming with butterfly style if that is what you prefer.

Subliminals can help you get more stamina, strength and speed. You can do this when you rewire your mind to think like professional swimmers by listening to subliminal audio at least once a day.

Change gradually happens over the next few weeks when you take the time to both listen to subliminal audio each day and to train regularly. Subliminal audio is not a replacement for training, but it can help you to keep yourself disciplined during training and unlock your potential by motivating you to train, energizing you and keeping you completely focused on your goal to become an awesome swimmer.

The key to subliminal messages and their power is repetition. Anything you can repeat to yourself enough times, especially if you add belief to it and your thoughts go directly to your subconscious will change your thinking over a certain period of time.

Please don’t be alarmed when you start listening to subliminal audio and you don’t hear the messages being played. That is totally normal, as the messages cannot be heard by our human ears, and it is exactly why subliminals work and are so effective, not just for helping you master swimming technique, but for many other sports as well.

If you want to be sure that subliminal audio will work on you like it does on most people, then go ahead and download a free mp3 meant to help you relax. You can download it right now by filling in the box below:

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