How Think Big Subliminal Messages Work


Going far in life requires you to think big and on this page you will learn all about think big subliminal messages. Once you’ve finished reading this page you will know how they work, how they can help you to think big and if they are the right tool to help you reach your goals.

Technical Explanation

All humans have a conscious mind and a subconscious mind. It’s the conscious mind that you do all your thinking with and any messages that are picked up by your conscious mind, you are actually aware of.

Your subconscious mind on the other hand is the part of your mind that doesn’t think, it just does and it’s where all your beliefs and automatic behaviours are stored.

Subliminal messages are those messages that have been put together in order to bypass your conscious mind and communicate directly with your subconscious mind and because of this you aren’t aware of such messages.

There are many ways that a message can be made subliminal but when it comes to subliminal audio to help cause positive change, well the audio is made subliminal by altering the frequency so it’s at around 17-18Hz, which is beyond the conscious level of hearing.

Subliminal messages are very potent for causing change because of their ability to bypass the conscious mind, which you will find, tries to sabotage the changes you try and make by cancelling out things like positive affirmations.

Actually subliminal audio is nothing but positive affirmations made into a subliminal format, subliminal messages such as:

Think Big Positive Affirmations

  • I make sure to always think big
  • My goals are always on a grand scale
  • I am someone who naturally aims high
  • I believe that any goals worth pursuing should be big
  • Thinking big comes naturally to me

All those positive affirmations are ones that are related to thinking on a big scale. If you truly believed those things then you would be someone who would never set a small goal, instead you will be hungry for life and the things you go after will be big, really big and your motivation levels will be sky high.

How Subliminal Messages Can Help You To Think Big

Subliminal messages are nothing but positive affirmations put into a subliminal format and this might lead you to wondering why you should bother with subliminal messages at all.

Well, with positive affirmations you have to repeat the statements over and over again in order to reach to subconscious mind and this can take a long time and your conscious mind will do it’s best to stop this change.

Using subliminal messages then is much more potent and effective then plain old positive affirmations as they bypass the conscious mind and communicate directly with the subconscious mind meaning you get change much quicker because the subconscious mind doesn’t think, it just accepts anything sent to it as true.

Also apart from getting change much quicker due to going straight to the subconscious mind, there’s also the plus of not having to take time out of your schedule to repeat the statements, instead you just listen to the audio tape and go about your daily routine.

You have to remember that you won’t see change overnight, instead what will happen is after each listen you will find that you are thinking just that little bit bigger and overtime and with enough listens you will find that you no longer think on a small scale, instead you only thing big.

And because of you becoming someone who thinks big you will find that your goals and dreams excite you and fill you with passion and you are excited about each new day, are full of motivation and have no problems with things like time management and productivity.

If after reading this you are more interested in subliminal messaging then the best thing to do is try it yourself and you can do this straight away by signing-up for the free subliminal audio track + mini-course:

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