How Time Management Subliminal Messages Work


A distorted clockfaceTime management is a difficult skill to master, yet if you can then it can help you in so many areas of your life – from getting things done around the home to being productive at work and enhancing your career.

This article will explain how subliminal messages are being used by people to help boost their time management skills.

Technical Explanation

Technically speaking, the use of subliminal messages uses the power of positive affirmations, which penetrate directly into your subconscious mind.

Here, we refer to audio subliminal messages, as these are the most common and most often used for personal development.

We say they penetrate directly into the subconscious mind as they bypass your conscious levels of hearing – i.e. the positive affirmations are not physically audible. They are recorded just above the level of regular human hearing (around 17-18Hz) so you do not notice them – yet they are intercepted by your subconscious mind.

Is this really possible? Well, are you aware of everything happening around you all of the time? Are you aware of your heart-rate, your temperature, your breathing and other constant bodily functions? It is your subconscious mind which keeps these functions operating without your conscious attention – yet you can control them if you wish, you can increase your breathing rate, you can even meditate and slow your heart-rate down.

There are also 101 thing happening on the outside of your conscious mind all the time – walk through a crowd and you hear noise, but you don’t really focus in on people’s conversations – but if you hear a mother shout for her child who shares your first name too then automatically your head turns – your subconscious is aware of more than you know, and it takes in and interprets this information all of the time – including this information which is subliminal to you consciously.

We have mentioned that subliminal audio is really just a series of positive affirmations, so, here are some examples:

Time Positive Affirmations

  • I am excellent at managing my time
  • Managing my time properly is my top priority
  • I always plan my day and properly schedule my tasks
  • Time management is important to me as it helps to to achieve success
  • I am successful because I manage my time efficiently

These are all positive statements (affirmations) relating to time management. They are basically beliefs, which if true, would lead you towards excellent time management. The basic principle at the heart of positive affirmations is that as you repeat them and say them over and over, you start to believe them, they start to become true, and you do actually start to get better with managing your time in this instance.

How Subliminal Messages Can Influence Your Time Management

Subliminal messages are basically no different to positive affirmations, and it is very logical to see that if you hear something enough that you can start to believe it – take the child who is bullied in the playground for example; they really do start to exhibit signs of self pity as they are told negative things over and over… all positive affirmations do is give you the control and ensure that you are sending positive statements to create positive beliefs, behaviours, and outcomes.

The only difference when you use subliminal messages is that you get the benefit of not having to say the statements yourself. They are already recorded and you simply play them back in a non intrusive way (one of the reasons they are so popular is because you can use them while you do other things around the house like work, study, exercise etc – they are passive)

Gradually the statements inside your mind start to build and build. You start to believe them, and you do actually start to take on new behavior patterns.

In this scenario you will be focused around improving your ability to manage your time and your schedule. You will find yourself making more effort, you will find that managing your time and your projects becomes your priority, that your self discipline increases and that as time goes on and you keep listening that managing yourself and your time just becomes a natural part of who you are.

In simple terms, all subliminals really do is to give you control of the information you receive. They are not an instant cure or a miracle solution, they are a simple method of sending positive information into your mind.

If this article has interested you then the best way to get started is to simply try it for yourself – yes, subliminal messaging does affect different people in different ways, with people seeing different timelines of results and improvements – so give it a try for yourself first, for free, with this instant download from the leaders in subliminal self help technology:

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