How Voice Projection Subliminal Messages Work


How Voice Projection Subliminal Messages WorkThis page will take a look at how subliminal audio messages can help you project your voice louder by helping you to remember to speak through your diaphragm instead of through your throat or your nose.

This page will also discuss how and why subliminal messages for voice projection work and how it feels to use them.

Technical Explanation

An important thing you need to realize is that your conscious mind chooses which kinds of thoughts and messages it sends to the unconscious for processing. It chooses messages it will allow to go through based on habit.

That means if you are used to speaking through your throat, any thought that suggests otherwise will not even get to be processed by your unconscious mind, just like chatter you may hear on the street that does not concern you goes unprocessed.

The reason that your brain works like that is because you are bombarded with so much data that it would overwhelm your brain to try and figure out what all of it means.

Subliminal audio works by sending your unconscious mind positive affirmations.

Voice Projection Positive Affirmations

I naturally project my voice when speaking
My voice is assertive and calm
I have a confident voice
My voice projection is improving daily
I always speak from my diaphragm

These and similar positive affirmations recorded inside subliminal audio help you improve your voice projection because they speak to your unconscious mind directly. They are able to do that because you can not hear them consciously, and that is why they are so powerful.

Subliminal audio messages are recorded so that you can only understand them on a subconscious level.

How Subliminal Messages Can Help Your Voice Projection

Your voice has a soft projection and you’re not speaking loudly because you repeatedly told yourself that you speak through the throat.

You might have been less confident than people around you, or less assertive, and felt the need to lower your voice as the loudest person in the room is usually the most confident and most dominant one, the leader of the group.

A strong voice projection which you will be able to develop by listening to subliminal audio that will repeat positive affirmations to your unconscious mind will help you seem like a more assertive, much more confident person with higher self esteem and more charisma.

When you see people react positively to your new found voice you will automatically gain more self belief and it will turn into a positive cycle in which your voice will become clearer and will be louder and in turn people will respect you more.

When you try subliminal audio you will hear only ambiental sounds that are meant to occupy your conscious mind so it doesn’t get bored, but your unconscious will receive and gradually start to accept all the positive affirmations about your voice projection until they become the default way you think and your voice becomes permanently strong without you even thinking about it.

The effect of help from subliminal audio takes longer for some people than for others to be noticed. It depends on how committed you are to making your voice as strong as it can be. But subliminal audio is not a magic cure for your voice. It is merely an additional way that can help your efforts.

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