How Ego Control Subliminal Messages Work


How Ego Control Subliminal Messages WorkHere is an explanation of how ego control subliminal messages work to help you put your ego in check, which is especially important if you feel the urge to brag to anyone who will listen about your latest accomplishments or achievements in life, as an ego like that might be very damaging to your life in terms of career, friends and romantic interests when people start avoiding you.

Technical Explanation

What subliminal audio messages do to help you control your ego is that they send positive messages on a higher frequency that only your subconscious will be able to pick up.

The key word here is subconscious, as that part of your mind governs how you will behave, it lets your ego control you and your behavior, and makes you seem insecure to people around you.

While you listen to subliminal audio you will hear background music, but your subconscious will still understand all the positive messages or positive affirmations that are sent at frequencies you do not consciously pick up.

Ego Control Positive Affirmations

  • I easily control my ego
  • My confidence radiates from me
  • I am naturally confident
  • I have a healthy level of self esteem
  • I always keep my ego in check

If you were to consciously repeat these affirmations to yourself, your conscious mind would get in the way and make up all the reasons of why this is not true. As the unconscious mind processes feelings, thoughts and emotions, it would just be confused by all the conflicting information and that would not get you anywhere. That is why subliminal audio is so helpful.

How Subliminal Messages Can Help You To Control Your Ego

When you repeat something multiple times, and you believe in it fully, it becomes your truth and your reality.

When you have the feeling that you must prove something to the people that are close to you, when you have the need to talk about all the things that you are better at than the other people, basically when the ego gets the best of you, you are likely lacking confidence and self esteem, and that all happened because you repeated in your mind negative thoughts about your self worth which you finally started believing.

Subliminal audio will help you gradually change those negative thoughts and change your negative thinking from believing that you have to become a big, important person in the eyes of others so they can respect you, to knowing that you are a respectable person as you are right now, let alone if you are getting better and better every day.

Do keep in mind that subliminal audio can only help you if you truly wish to resolve the problem. It is not a cure on its own, but it is a powerful ally in the battle to defeat your ego and keep it in line at all times.

Subliminal messaging is really simple, but it is hard to explain how it helps you in words. You have to try it for yourself to really feel the benefits. Luckily, you can do that for free right now:

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